Thursday, 4 December 2008


Cote de boeuf from Black & Blue

Call me a steak snob but I've never actually stepped into any of the Aberdeen or Angus Steak Houses. I think this alone makes me proud as my record remains unblemished*. Like Newton’s Third law of motion, "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”; the huge onslaught of negative and bad reviews these two abattoiraunts generate between themselves are only bafflingly complimented by an equal amount of praise and the usual ‘the best steak ever’ cliché applied. Amazingly most of the good reviews come from out-of-towners, our very own Blighty folks who collectively all agree on one thing, the steaks offered at both ASHs are worth the trip to London alone, as they’re deliciously superior to the ones served at their local Harvester. The only people that are let down are obviously the tourists, as usual they end up getting a bad deal and adopt a sad impression on what London has to offer in terms of food.

As always maybe I’m missing out on something, I’m sure there are some London foodies out there who actually take both ASHs seriously, mail me if you’re one of them.

*Actually this may be disputed after all, when I was at college in Oxford I used to come down to London every weekend and treated myself to scampi and chips at Garfunkel's in Leicester Square.

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