Sunday, 28 December 2008

Bob Bob Ricard

I’ve only just gone and done it. I came here and had the most expensive Full English this year.

Bob Bob Ricard is apparently the name of the two owners, so if you don’t mind I’ll hazard on the collective names of Robert and Tricky.

Although I’m neither a fan of David Collins nor any other interior designers for that matter, the dining room here did elicit a delightful decadence and the ambience I found simply beguiling.

As expected the service is top notch and despite the rather indifferent comments on the pink jackets and waistcoats worn by the male waiting staff, I found this detail to be salubrious for London dining.

The toaster found on each of the tables has already become an iconic feature of BBR. The thing that niggles is what happens when you knock your glass of Buck's Fizz onto the powered toaster; I duuno but litigious tendencies come to mind.

The expensive fry up I had consisted of good ingredients but I can’t help but quibble at the mean portion of one of everything on the plate- one rasher, one sausage, one egg etc.

Together with a pot of decent loose leaf Earl Grey, I did enjoy my breakfast, one never felt rushed nor did the elbows end up greasy.

To offer 18 hours of continuous near posh dining daily is nothing short of a niche worth striving for. For this alone I welcome BBR to the fold and long may they thrive.



Hollow Legs said...
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Hollow Legs said...

Blimey - that is one pricy fry-up. Nevertheless, I love the 'press for champagne' buttons they have. So many restaurants, so little time / money!

bellaphon said...

I'm slowing right down with this gluttony business next year, putting the money on keeping fit instead!