Monday, 17 November 2008

Harry Morgan

***Shuttus Maximus***

Wavey (my daughter) and I feel totally at ease here, therefore the food needn't be life changing when that's the case.

Then again this place serves up the best Chicken Soup in London.

I'm not crazy about cream cheese, smoked salmon neat on toasted bagel is delicious enough!

Lovely plate of chicken sandwich.

My teenage daughter is normal, she drinks Coke.
Bron's usual of Bagel Sandwich of Chicken Schnitzel with Salad and Mayo
Full Monty Chicken Soup with Kreplach and Kniedlach. My favourite soup, yes I know your Mama makes the best, but I don't have any Jewish friends, so I'll make do with this.
Potato Latka
Lunch with the Mørchs

My Bagel of Chicken Schnitzel with Salad and Mayo

Hans Henrik's Sandwich of Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

Benedikte's Sandwich of Egg Mayonnaise


My own little secret...shoosh!

If you’re currently going through any of the following-

1. Feeling miserable.
2. The unspeakable aftermath of watching England loose to a Central Asian team in football.
3. Petty lovers’ tiff.
4. Suffering from a bout of flu.
5. Immense hangover from the night before.

Well there’s a remedy for all the above and it’s the Jewish chicken soup. I love coming to Harry Morgan, the food here is good, generous and affordable. The small dining space is bright and cheery, however if you do decide to come here for lunch may I suggest you pop in earlier than usual to avoid any disappointment as it’s only limited to 20 seats. Service is admirable when quiet but erratic when the takeaway crowds start to come in at 1pm.

Blissful Chicken Soup- This full monty version included Kneidlach (matzo ball), Kreplach (beef dumplings) and the all important noodles.

Egg & Onion Sandwich- See I told you they were generous with the helpings.

This Salt Beef sandwich I had on a previous visit was so-so and not in the same class as the one found at Selfridges (hugely more expensive to boot!)

Until I find myself a nice Jewish Princess, this place will do me fine with their chicken soup for the time being.

Harry Morgan- Part Two

6 Market Place
Oxford Circus
London W1W 8AF


DanL said...

Try the chicken soup at Raoul's (the nice original one on Clifton Rd). They use proper chickens for the stock which I don't think Harry M's do.

bellaphon said...

Hi Dan, thanks for the tip-off, I'll give Raoul's a go soon.

tporter said...

Raouls is good soup

have a look at

they review a lot of good places for chicken soup!