Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Sunday Sojourn

How was your Sunday?

What with a cheeseburger and chips…my one was suitably a godsend!

My chums from Streatham agreed that the best London Burger is found here.
I would like to add that the chips I had today were a lot better than my previous visits.

Now as I hardly venture into South London I had to possess a secondary stomach and pay homage to Imran Bashir’s Elephant Café. Like all the businesses within Brixton Village Market, it’s tiny but perfectly formed.

It specialises in authentic Pakistani street food.

The chicken thali at less than seven quid.

And it came with daal, naan, rice, raita, and salad. As expected it was astoundingly delicious and cheap as nuts. But if I were allowed to be pedantic then more chillies would further the otherwise excellent chicken curry and due to health and safety standards, a missing tandoor oven obviously vetoed the freshest of flatbreads. That said, the bread was well ‘gheed’ or lubricated. Quite possibly the most accomplished thali in town.

Anne, the queues at Federation were impossible at best so the Flat White aspirations were ditched instead by tea and cakes at the wonderful Relay Tea Room. I was reliably informed that the red velvet cupcake was brill.


steve said...

you've made me really want to 'go south' for a visit of this place and i 'never' go south.

I heart cupcakes said...

Not been to Honest Burgers but have been to Elephant twice. I'm no longer baking at Federation so I forgive you ;)
I've not been to Relay either as after I'd finished baking all day the last thing I fancied was cake (I know horrific thought).
Btw have you been to Lucky Burgers? They're parked up in Netil Market near London Fields - I work near there now so popped by last weekend and it was the best burger I've had in London. Also chilli cheese fries were fab.

bellaphon said...

Steve- East London possesses the best buzz but the South is catching up fast. Thou shalt march forth towards SW9 without delay!

IHC- I'm heading to Lucky Chip asap, thank you!

I heart cupcakes said...

Hope you enjoy it - went again y'day and had the Royale with Cheese - amazing.
Not sure why I called it Lucky Burgers either - brain fart!

bellaphon said...

IHC- 'brain fart' :D