Tuesday 1 November 2011

The Rib Man

Brick Lane

A great deal has been blogged, tweeted, discussed and bantered about The Rib Man so I’ve decided to keep the post brief. Like here, here and of course here, The Rib Man has successfully marketed himself as a decent food hero by way of mandatory networking.

The Rib Man’s stall thrives on rib meat rolls or wraps and racks.

The meat is tediously pulled by hand. I suppose the relative ease of the meat coming off the bone is a testament to The Rib Man’s mastery of slow cooking baby back ribs.

As handed over by Mrs Rib Man and I gulped at the size of it!

Heavenly succulence and gratifyingly delicious. Melting, sweet, porky and gently chilli hot. The rib meat was so well concocted; it didn’t need further dousing of the BBQ or hot sauces on offer. The filling was way too generous and alas I couldn’t finish the sandwich. I declared to Mark and the Missus that I was a wimp after all. Nevertheless it was five quid well-spent.

The only annoying thing about The Rib Man is he’s forever blowing bubbles whereas I’m a trophy-starved gooner. Get on down and prepare to be blown away. Highly recommended.


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