Thursday, 4 December 2008

Lantana- Part Two

Home away from home...

Best Flat White at Lantana since Jif left.
Made by Brenda

Bestest breakfast butty in London
Egg and Sausage with sourdough

I don't like The Guardian (one of Lantana's papers) and Chelsea FC for that matter. But I felt that the latter were hard done by. People go on about how disgraceful Drogba was but he was nothing compared to that twerpish Norwegian referee!

Late lunch cum tea coffee break at Fitrovia's finest.

Tad too milky flattie.

Very delicious posh cheese and pickle sarnie.

The frosting on the carrot cuppers is the best ever! (Hummingbird, I tink.)

M got me started on this. Read her excellent posting here.
Flat White- A* cup
Excellent, simple and delicious breakfast. £5 the lot.

The Roz that went walkabout- Grade B Flat White

Beans and Toasts

You just cannot beat a glorious breakfast of homeade beans on sourdough toast. Even if the sun fails to shine out there it'll do so after tucking on this. Swoon...

Breakfast of Toasts and Flat the horrible Guardian!

How do you spread yours? Listen no more snide comments about vegemite, it's growing on me.

Flat White made by new girl Jen- she's getting better all the time.


My weekly ritual at Lans was actually broken today, the place was totally packed.

So had to make do with a take away flattie at £2.20- rather good in all.

Sandwiches and Soup for sale outside the caff- I'm not really into take away meals, I prefer to sit and be waited upon. I have taste.
Off to Milk Bar instead.

26/02/09 Wonderful Lunch

Lemon Grass, Ginger and Coriander infused Chicken Skewers with motley selection of superb salads and Satay sauce

Beautifully tender pieces of Chicken

Lemon and Pistachio Friand

I was totally stuffed with the chicken dinner, otherwise I would've devoured 3 of these wonderful cakes!

Good Flattie with equally sweet latte art, albeit terribly discreet!


I come here once a week without fail, 'nuff said!

Lantana- Part One.

Scroll down for more pics.

This year alone we’ve witnessed an unprecedented record of London restaurant openings and its inclusion of the diversity of cuisines has never been so prolific. This gregarious variety of choices includes London offshoots of 3 star chefs from the Continent, Spanish tapas, Mainland Chinese, Mexican and cafés of an Antipodean persuasion. However as expected most of these new openings may end up in tears, as there couldn’t be a worse time than trying to maintain the books during this challenging period.

Lantana, to save you the trouble is a flowering shrub that’s pretty much prevalent Down Under and it’s also conveniently the name of this wonderful new café in Fitzrovia that’s run by Aussies. Some places establish their reputation through word of mouth and consequently spread like wild fire, Lantana is deservedly one of them. Although a café, but it’s no ordinary one and it’s all too special to boot. Lantana ticks all the following right boxes for any new cafés to exist and survive successfully in London-

1. It’s devoid of any false pretensions.
2. No shortcuts undertaken.
3. Its ingredients are sensibly researched and sourced.
4. Its dishes are alternatively refreshing and delicious.
5. The prices don’t break the bank.
6. The knowledgeable staff is genuinely helpful and friendly.
7. And last but not least a mean cup of Flat White can be sought here.

I first came here for breakfast and was instantly convinced that Lantana was onto something good. A second visit was necessary to placate any doubts. Now who would’ve thought to declare that lunch at a mere café was a resounding success.

My Lamb kebab was beautifully seasoned and gorgeously tender. The accompanying ‘choose your own salad’ of coleslaw (inventive and thankfully not swamped with mayonnaise) and roasted veg (to include purple tatties was a nice twist) were good enough to sway most diehard carnivores.

The companion enjoyed her Prosciutto, beetroot and veg tart; which she thought was all too much (begged to differ, but then again I’ve been known to gorge like a pig) but delicious nonetheless.

We finished off the meal with a tiny but perfectly formed Australian fave of blueberry friand and a delectably moreish carrot cup cake from the Hummingbird Bakery.

Lest I forget Lantana coin themselves as ‘coffee obsessives’, I think you owe yourself to try the superb coffee that’s been supplied by Monmouth Coffee Company. Lantana deserves success and praise, this place has that cheery soul effect about it and I don’t think it’s entirely difficult to be besotted by it. Repeat visits are most definitely on the cards.

No complains to report, except perhaps a minor one, I’m not prepared to believe that Vegemite (on near prominent display near the cash register) can out taste my beloved Marmite, methinks humbug to the former.

13 Charlotte Place
London W1T 1SN

Additional pics-

Beans on toast

Egg on toastBacon and mushrooms

Corn fritters and poached egg

As of 14/01/09

Julia Davis recording a radio programme at the cafe

Yes I thought she was rather dazzling as well!

Ham and cheese omelette, rocket and chutney


Long Black and Times

Touching speech from a great orator

Vegemite first timer

Vegemite on toast, it's good but Marmite is still tops

F-W, nowt more satisfying


Long Black

Head start with delicious mushrooms on toast with parmesan and garlic.


One of life's pleasures, first thing in the morning...

Toasted banana bread with date and pecan butter.

Propped by a wonderful cup of flattest maximus.

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