Monday, 1 December 2008

Lantana- Part One

I do too
Seen at Charlotte Street

If you intend to breakfast here for the first time go for the bacon butty, it's profound...

and of course a Grade A Flat White
Made by Tim
MsMarmitelover mentioned in the Metro, fame beckons...

If money isn't an object then you can't go wrong with rooms on toast
Bliss to high...

If you're lucky enough to have Tim make a Flat White for you, the rest of your day will be all smiles.
Currently the State of the Art Bacon Sandwich. It was massive to boot. The absolute best and a bargain at £4.
Wakey Boy Long Black
That's me done, back to work the next scoffing session

Charlotte Place
Flat White made by Tim, so good I had two
Big Sausage Sandwich with an addition of a Fried EggStrong sarnies for strong menScrummy butty
Monmouth Coffee, that's enough to convince meI've never been downstairs before, I need daylight you see
Can I possibly describe this flattie as state of the art?
Scrambled heaven on sourdough toast
Wednesdays are joyous, week in and week out

I would love to come here for lunch, but it's so much more all to oneself at breakfast.Walloping portion of mushrooms and parmesan on toasts- someone obviously thought I'm not piling on enough. Full blown satisfaction.Rotate the cup left at ninety and be rewarded with a lovely apple heart or snail shell. My Wednesday necessity, Flat White or nowt.
Grade A as per usual.

Finally introduced myself to Madam Latana- hello Shelagh.

Jen's perfect 'A' Flat White!

Posh Egg and Bacon Butty

Long Black Quencher- 'A' grade.


You can take me out of Lantana but you can't take it out of me!

Lantana- Part Two

Scroll down for more pics.

Every once in a while you come across a place that puts a sincere and lasting smile on your face. It touches the heart and your appetite will never be suppressed when you enter the premises and settle down to ogle at the food on display and peruse the menu with glee.

Lantana café is one such place and boy am I glad with the discovery. The reason for this review being part one is I came here this morning for elevenses (tardy breakfast). As I couldn’t believe how good the food was I reminded myself to come back again in the very near future for lunch and convince myself this first visit isn’t a one-off.

The location is positively quaint and there's a welcoming degree of bespokeness with the other businesses on this wonderful street. The dining room is smallish but perfectly cosy; it was already quite full when I turned up at 11.30 AM. There was certainly no sign of loud and incessant music being played as reported by other reviewers. In fact the only mildly irritating noise came from the couple sitting next to me, nonchalantly and indiscreetly discussing their video presentation with the aid of their ‘hey I’ve got a Mac Air too, are you looking!’ laptop.

Three items ordered and three no quibble ticks in the right places applied accordingly.

The Monmouth Coffee Company sourced Flat White was worryingly delicious; I say worryingly because of what’s going to happen to my regular haunt of Flat White in Berwick Street instead.

The Breakfast Tart was sublime and dare I say it, profoundly yummy!

To serve something like this that contains an egg and baked beans at room temperature might sound ludicrous, but it worked, try one out yourself and let me know if I’m right.

I couldn’t leave this place without at least trying something sweet. The sinful Double Chocolate Brownie- this was obviously home baked and nothing synthetic whatsoever about the end result. It tasted properly chocolatey, nutty and of the correct density (not too fudgy or heavy).

The guys at Lantana have obviously done their homework on what a decent café is all about, in fact I should be damn proud of them if I’m their bank manager. I
can’t wait till lunch on my next visit. Watch this blog for Lantana- Part Two.

13 Charlotte Place
London W1T 1SN


Ham Puff

Toasted Banana Cake with Pecan Butter


Poached Eggs on Toast


Louise and Nivaldo said...

Great blog. Love all the pictures and tips. We'll definitely be spending more time looking at it.
We love our food too!!

bellaphon said...

I'm hereby grateful for your comments. Happy eating!

Siri said...

This is so funny, I went to London yesterday on a coffee excursion, and had scrambled eggs at Lantana for breakfast! They were amazing, and so was the coffee! (There are pictures on my blog, the text is unfortunately in Norwegian) I also went to Fernandez and Wells, Wild and Wood and the London Review Cake Shop on your recommendation, I have to say London has some amazing coffee and you have excellent taste. Thanks again!

bellaphon said...

So glad you enjoyed yourself, I liked your posting (despite the Norwegian text; it exuded warmth). If you’re in London next you have to try out the East End connection (where most of the young Aussies and Kiwis ‘district’ themselves!). Speak to you soon ; )

Unknown said...

Hi! I chanced upon your blog when London Eater mentioned 'the pho mile' and i've been hooked on your blog since. great photos, cryptic remarks and great recommendation (s). I went to Lantana today for brunch and it was awesome. The poached egg and haloumi on toast and flat white and friand were superb and so was the vibe at the cafe. Can't wait to check out F&W and so many more...keep up the good work!!

bellaphon said...

Yvonne- thanks for popping by. Try the banana bread with pecan butter next time you're there, it's 2 die 4!