Friday, 16 October 2009

I’ve lost my sense of smell…

…and taking a long holiday off doesn’t help much either with keeping this blog updated. Just as the blog is coming to its first anniversary I think it’s worth crediting the people on why I started to pursue the pastime in the first place. So it’s with thanks to Niamh and Su-Lin and their blogs that pushed the button in the first place as well as Auntie and Krista with theirs (according to my doctrines these four are one of the pioneering London food bloggers). Food blogging during the past year has been rewarding; my acquired friendships with both MsMarmitelover and Thora (I’ve yet to meet you!) are invaluable and it was additionally bestowing to have met Lady Gray, Michelle at Lavender Bakery, LMR, Mark, Kake and Laura at RGL, Lizzie, Chris, Kang and others I’ve failed to mention by name.

The advent of new and incredibly well written food blogs is immensely welcoming as well dampening my desire to continue with mine. My current and hopefully undying read-list of foodie blogs includes the following-

Tamarind and Thyme
Meemalee’s Kitchen
The English can cook
Scrambling Eggs
Food. By Mark
Dos Hermanos
Bitching in the Kitchen
PigPig’s Corner
Family Styles

Blogrolls are ever so potentially contentious but let’s be honest there are only so many blogs that one can read with intent. Apologies to those that have been omitted (and subsequently being de-listed from the respective blogrolls is understandable).

If and when I regain my composure I’ll undoubtedly resume this blog but in the meantime I shall carry on with my other one that’s the Pissing Prawn. Thanks for reading and see you anon.