Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Curse of the ex-smoker

You know what they say when a smoker gives up, he or she will resort to eating and bingeing as some kind of respite from the dreaded weed. Well, I can now confirm that this suggestion is no myth, I'm actually experiencing it right now. When I was advocating myself as a model smoker, I never cared much for anything that was sweet, be it a jelly baby or sticky toffee pudding; I simply never gave it the time of a day. Now that I’ve stopped smoking for the past two months, I find myself indulging in this newfound pastime of englutting myself with sweet things like; cakes, puddings, desserts and anything that has chocolate in its description. For the latter I use to despise the bloody thing, but now… This unhealthy eating pattern is akin to symptoms experienced by newly pregnant women. Very worrying, as I’m hardly pregnant.

It was indeed satisfying when people congratulated me on abandoning smoking without the aid of nicotine patches, chewing gums and daily tantrums. But now I sense I may lack the willpower to stop ballooning myself into some sort of fat plum pudding. Bloody anticl
imax, bloody paradox.

NB Alright if I do find my waist supporting a pair of size 34” jeans without the need of a belt or braces, I’ll start to clamp down and pledge to my then abused bod at least 40 sit-ups every morning.


Hollow Legs said...

Ha! Perhaps that's why I'm not a sweet fan - I'm a smoker.

I'm also of the opinion that if you eat dessert with fruit in it, it doesn't count. Also, anything eaten standing up or while on the move does not have any calories in it. Fact.

bellaphon said...

''I'm also of the opinion that if you eat dessert with fruit in it, it doesn't count.''- I don't buy this, what about strawberries and cream?

Hollow Legs said...

Nope, strawberries cancel out the cream. Don't ruin my dream!

bellaphon said...

LOL! (cowpoo methinks!)