Thursday, 11 December 2008

Leong's Legends Continue...

Dinner with daughter after Harry Potter.

Szechuan Noodle
The noodles were shamefully overcooked

Bamboo Rice

Chilli King Prawns
Now the girl who took our order belonged to one of those smart alexis who doesn't believe in writing things down. Twice I told her that we wanted steamed prawns served with oyster sauce, this turned up instead. It was actually rather tasty but way too spicy for my teenager.

Xiao long bao

Puncture the skin to collect the soup as shown and savour

Gobble up the deliciousness like there's no tomorrow.


This is the sequel or lesser sibling to the original one at nearby Macclesfield Street. Apart from the incredibly stupid name everything else is more or less the same.
The standard of the xiaolongbao was indeed maintained with no punctures or leakages to report. In a word delicious as ever.

The crispy onion pancake was average, greasy and a bloody waste of money.

The rather superior chicken and white fungus soup. Great winter warmer with very little evidence of MSG.

The service as with all Chinatown establishments, can be indifferent, miserable and ignorant. Unless one speaks Mandarin or Cantonese, do expect a degree of reverse r****m as well.

26-27 Lisle street
London WC2H 7BA


Unknown said...

the XLBs were very good indeed and so were the soya bean milk and omelettes. But my experience was marred by the fact that they tried to sneakily charge us an extra pound with an 'error' order of CRABMEAT xlbs, instead of the original ones. TSK TSK.

bellaphon said...

Hi Yvonne,
You've hit the nail on the head, diners beware, watch your bill!