Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mango Tree

I came here exactly two years ago and the experience then was very much the same as the one this evening. Mango Tree is big, plush and possesses an air of a ‘flagship’ demeanour about it. The dining room is impressive, the table setting oozes class and the service; described elsewhere as over attentive, I find excellent, friendly and efficient.

I came here with a 50% off the total food bill offer on tow. This offer requires the diner to vacate the table by 8pm, to be fair they nag about this all the time, by both phone text and email. It’s sad to read about other diners whinging about being hounded by the said time despite the stipulations.

The food unfortunately is nothing to write home about and this statement is justifiably supported by the lack of any Thai diners in the vast dining room

The best dish was the starter of Tom Yum Goong, it was fiery, wonderfully spicy and more king prawns found than your average Balti variety.

The Larb Ped (Roast Duck Salad) was generous with the duck meat, but I found the inclusion of rocket totally at odds with the green onions, chilli and honey dressing.

The Pla Gra Phong of Red Snapper wrapped in pandan leaves lacked absolute freshness and the aromatic fragrance of the latter was nowhere to be whiffed.

The spicy hot Panang Nuer curry contained some well-cooked pieces of beef brisket but unfortunately bland tasting.

The industry standard dish of Pad Thai Gai noodles was disappointing, it tasted overly sweet and for some reason a trifle rancid, the large pieces of chicken breast chucked in looked indiscreetly out of place in a dish like this.

To be fair to Mango Tree, the portions and ingredients of the dishes were not compromised nor skimped for diners clutching the 50% offers. Do be warned that the drinks be it alcoholic or not, are suitably expensive.

The atmosphere here is great for business, romantic and big group meals. If you do intend to come here for the food, I think making an appearance is only valid if you’re not paying for the meal in its entirety and please do inform the philanthropist who is footing the bill to book online for the half price offer.

46 Grosvenor Place
London SW1X 7EQ

www. mangotree.org.uk


Unknown said...

Great photo of the dish. Can you tell me please what the lattice type covering on top of the dish is made of? Is it egg or something else?

I look forward to hearing from you.

bellaphon said...

Hi Violet- I'm pretty certain it's an egg omelette net, sounds like a 'Who wants to a Millionaire?' situation!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much bellaphon!