Tuesday, 16 December 2008


...rustici e urbani...

Slice of very good pepperoni pizza and il cappuccino

The afters.
That ciambella (doughnut) is normal sized and the other three are minatures; I'm not that sinful you know!

The unfailing cappuccino of Notting Hill Gate

Sausage calzone (or in plain English, dodgy frankfurter in a roll) and chicken and peppers arancina (stodgy rice ball- Glaswegian style).
The dog on the left wasn't so hot but the rice ball was delicious.

I told one of the readers of this blog that I had teeth problems. I eat too many cakes.
Mixed berries polenta cake- yum yum.

Trifle expensive for a lunch that consisted of snacky items. I don't really give a monkey's, this place is adorable.

Orange is the dominant colour, even the photos seem contaminated with it.
I like Arancina and I've fallen for the colour orange.

Chilli oil is essential for me, yum!

Late lunch of fat, sugar, carbs and of course caffeine.

Roast chicken leg with roast potatoes and carrots

All lovingly microwaved

Brown meat tastes better than white meat, fact.

The cappuccino I’ve come to respect, the best in Notting Hill.


It's that car kinda time!

Arancina is great for meet-ups...

...as well as lovebirds...

...art can be purchased here (although I'm not convinced with the ones above)...

...and there's the coffee. Like F&W, Arancina never fails with their decent cups of cappuccino and this is irrespective of who made it. Consistently Grade B+ caps.

The foamset that simply refuses to give up the ghost, an Arancina signature.

Mocha cake or something. Very nice. £4.10 for this and the coffee.


Now if both the coffee beans and machine were brilliant in the first place, can an average barista get away with making a half-decent cup?

Absolutely spot on cappuccino.

Slice of Coconut and Orange- lovely.

Pizza, calzones, etc.


My neighbourhood cappuccino shop- consistent and thankfully still pretty much underrated.

(we don't want it to be too crowded now, thank you!)

That sawn up orange Cinquecento is a great marketing exercise. Arancina’s trademark, period.

I come here for two reasons, it’s within reach of my abode and the lure of both the savoury snacks and sweet pastries is simply too indulgent to resist. This is the original Arancina and its aspirations of being another restaurant chain are clear enough with a second, but larger offspring located nearby at Westbourne Grove. At least for the time being, this near gem of a place offers authentic Italian fast food that betters what Prêt or EAT can churn out. Being Italian, the coffee is dependable.

As the name suggests, one of the dishes offered is the Sicilian speciality of Arancini, deep fried rice balls with a variety of fillings that can include beef ragù, ham & cheese, ricotta & spinaci, mushrooms, or chicken & peppers.

Pizza (impossibly thin and so it should) by the slice, temptingly arranged and beautifully decorated with yummy ingredients.

Calzones, both fried and baked are available, the former is my favourite. Pasta and risotto dishes are offered alongside entrées like veal and chicken this and that. Be warned that any savouries ordered end up being heated in microwave ovens; nine times out of ten, the food always remains lukewarm!Oh the sweets, the cakes and the pastries- forget the diet and just gorge like there’s no tomorrow.

Cannoli (shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweetened ricotta cheese, grated chocolate, candied fruit, and pistachio)- If I can write like Keats, I would have written an ode to it.

Baked Bigné Mignon- cream baked puff filled with sweet custard cream.

Ciambella- addictive ring cake, think doughnut with bite and more taste.

Three words to describe the grub at Arancina- naughty but nice.

Previous review at Trusted Places.

19 Pembridge Road
London W11 3HG


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Senso said...

Please order a full Pala , we usually eat a threeway:
Spinach and eggs
Pepperoni and cheese
Four cheese with artichokes!

Its heaven on a block of wood!

bellaphon said...

maha- first comment and thank you. Yes I've had the pala; it was momentous!