Saturday, 20 December 2008

Monmouth Coffee Company

There are only four spaces if you're thinking of having your coffee alfresco.
MCC is without doubt the busiest shop on this street.

Saturday routine of ice cubed espresso.
Smugworthiness thereafter.

Iced Espresso
A perfect summer fix for those sleepy and sultry afternoons.

Stupendous Iced Latte and Iced Espresso

A** Filter Shot
How I needed that after a heavy lunch! Superb little cup!
Daughter's Iced Espressowith loads of sugar syrup...she was well chuffed!

Filter shot of Sumatra, Lake Toba- 'A' Grade cup

Tarte au Citron

Yakpackers not welcome!

Average Flattie- 'C' Grade effort
'wishy washy'


Home of the Roasters

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This is without doubt the spiritual home of London’s best-known coffee roaster. Monmouth Coffee Company thrives on its coffee being sustainable and is traded both fairly and equally. Its already fine reputation was further enhanced to near hallowed status by the proliferation of antipodean run cafés dotted around the capital that utilised the beans supplied by the former to full effect.

MCC must also be a prime contender for the record of having the most staff members actively working within a given floor area. These guys were certainly busy when I came today, the queues for caffeine hits were already in place, and most certainly unrelenting.

Apart from the retail of coffee, the display of delicious looking pastries and chocolates were impossible to ignore to accompany your cup of coffee.

My filter shot was pretty near damn perfect; it ticked all the right boxes to include smooth bodied, fruity and that amazing coffee sweetness. The two young ladies in front of me were however complaining that their cappuccini weren’t up to expectations. This has only led me to assume that being good at roasting coffee doesn’t automatically qualify you as a world class barista.The purchase of some expensive but limited supply Yiracheffe (Ethiopia) beans proved money well spent. This delicious coffee alone was a good enough reason to go back to MCC for more.

27 Monmouth Street
London, WC2H 9DD

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Wonderful coffee, wonderful grub...groan.

Baristi at work

Flat White

Apple Flan

Sausage roll



There you have it

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