Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I can never say no to... 1

...eggs. I love them to bits, but I don't nearly eat enough of them in the first place; otherwise we'll be talking about coronary heart disease instead. I don't mind how they're prepared as long as they're not poached with the help of vinegar (finger in throat yuck) or the immensely disgusting century egg (two fingers in throat yuck). For the latter please read Helen's brill posting at World Food Guide.

I also find the whole idea of
egg-white omelette insulting and pretentious; expensive and bloody tasteless. I avoid ready made egg sandwiches as the eggs they're made from were most definitely hard boiled up to a year ago, vacuum packed, frozen and delivered to your fave sandwich cafe; a no-brainer convenience for all parties involved. Finally whether you like it or not, eggs give you halitosis- avoid snogging your partners if they just had some boiled eggs.

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