Friday, 5 December 2008

Milk Bar

Milk Bar is consistently responsible for the most beautiful looking cups of coffee in London

Grade A triple shot Flat White at £3

There's a light towards the end of this alleyway
Apple and Banana Muffin- messy snack but ever so yum
Triple ssshot Flattie made by the lovely young lady who smileth- 'A*' all the way!
I've got the hang of it now- Square Mile is the purveyor of the smoothest blend of coffee in town and a triple dose of it is how I like it in my Flat White.

Choc's the black at the Milk Bar

Forgot to ask the dude's name who made this cor blimey flattie!
Straight A cup in every way.

Chicken and Cranberry Sandwich. I could've sworn the chicken pieces were of the processed kind...who am I to dispute, it was a decent bite after all.
(Do I not like flash photography; can't be helped, I was seated in a dark corner!)

Believe me it was packed when I walked in; it couldn’t be me as I only showered an hour beforehand!

Lantana was jam packed, so I came here instead.

Another flawless Flat White.

Toasted Sandwich of Chorizo, Gruyère, Rocket and Onion Marmalade- excellent!


Trust me I'm a caffeine con (connoisseur), the coffee here is consistently better than its sibling Flat White.

Scroll down for the more pics.

A welcome sibling to Flat White in nearby Berwick Street. Same great coffee, same friendly service, same laid-back atmosphere and same good quality bites. The only differences, thus a blessing , are the lack of queues and near rowdiness found at F-W.

Flat White

Ginger Slice

Milk Bar
3 Bateman Street
London W1D 4AG

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Can I please make a request that the young and very pretty girl (
glasses and all) who works there, please smile as it only takes a tiny effort. This easy task will cheer both the customers and at the very least, yourself up. She smileth today and I likewise ;) (06/03/09)


Bron's Latte- Great she pronounced!


Eva said...

Aw, no! Don't tell anyone about Milk Bar! shhhhhhhh!

This is my sanctuary of consistently superb coffee and a café-peaceful (read: low, monotone, pleasant din) coccoon for studying, chatting with a friend, writing a novel... I can nearly always find a table, unlike at Flat White.

I know what you mean about the girl -- in fact, every single person I've brought to MB has commented on her lack of outward cheer. However! I can attest to her becoming significantly more friendly (smiling, looking interested) once she recognises a regular. Or perhaps she's just indulging the dorky American girl?

bellaphon said...

Eva- Hey! London can be inherently miserable, all the more reason for us all to smile and be happy!

The civility of MB is intoxicating.

Anonymous said...

I go into milkbar regularly and must say that girl is often damn smiling or laughing -about what? i'm not sure, as I've not yet been let into the joke!...but have gotten to know that she's very experienced in hospitality and is REALLY into her coffee and works very hard. So I'm thinking, maybe you guys just got her on a day(s) when she was tired or when London was tiring to her? I'd imagine its pretty hard being nice, smiley and 'up' to everyone that walks through that busy cafe...

bellaphon said...

Anon- Thanks for stopping by, I have accepted and agree with you that the gorgeous young lady in question is absolutely A1. Yes perhaps you're right with the 'fatigue' thing, but I blog on what I experience first hand and that’s certainly not out of spite as well. Most of the reviews that were initally posted with a negative air about it do get rectified favourably following subsequent visits. BTW, I work in retail, I have to practise what I preach and that's seven days a week.

Unknown said...

Hello Bellaphonehome,
I finally made it to Milk bar today and LOVED the flat white. U were right--supremely smooth. Smoother than LAtana. That cuppa was accompanied by a vegan gluten free carrot cake that rocked! I had to buy two. Was very pleased that they could customise gluten-free bread for the little sarnies.
Back to Lantana tmw to try those corn fritters!

bellaphon said...

Yvonne- If 'smooth' is your cuppa, try Dose or The Farm Collective as well. Banana bread at Lantana, you have to try that!