Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mill Hill Tandoori

Now, I have a few friends, no in fact quite a few and there are two things that bundle them up together into one category. These friends of mine, bless them all, live in the burbs (suburbs) and the thought of eating away from their residential postcodes is enough to make them suspicious. To be honest their lives are governed by school runs, school fees, school holidays, teenage angst and a perfect Sunday would be spent rambling within the greenbelts of the Home Counties.

I met my kindergarten mate Su at her local Indian in Mill Hill. This place is ever so convenient for her, as it’s only 200 yards from where she lives. In contrast it took me a whole hour to get here by bus (route 113) from W1. Like all suburbanites, she swears that this local Indian is the bestest as well as the Chinese down the road, the pub a few doors down, the Italian (run by Greek Cypriots!) nearby for the best pasta only Mama knows best and so on.

This is my second ‘curry from the burb’ escapade this year, the first was the Curry Paradise in Hampstead. The experience at the Mill Hill Tandoori was decidedly inferior to the already ho-hum Hampstead fiasco. Like all local Indians, the lighting is often dark and vampire friendly. Monday night and the place was already swamped with diners. A remarkable turnout for a grim and cold evening.

This is allegedly Butter Chicken, no indication of the colour red at all. This was woefully bland and tedious to eat. I’m beginning to think that the folks at Mill Hill have been taken for a ride and they obviously relish it.

Balti Special King Prawn- £10.95 for 5 prawns, this was lacking in flavour let alone any integrity of the whole meaning of spice! To give MHT a bit of credit, at least the prawns existed.

Bhindi Bhaji- probably the most edible of the three but distinctly very average.

The whole bill came to £25.75 to include one pilau rice, one nan bread, a sweet lassi and a small glass of Thames (bloody titchy glass and no jug!). Poor value and substandard cooking.

Maybe I’m being too harsh with my alien tastebuds, yes come to think of it, it so obviously was as Su and the other diners in the room seemed to be enjoying the meal of their lives at glorious Mill Hill Tandoori.

2 The Broadway

Mill Hill NW7 3LL

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Gerry Mill Hill said...

I have eaten many times over the past 30 years - and find it most acceptable, another I use Bengal Paradise in Brockmans Park is perhaps a better (but more expensive) Mill Hill is my local and its good food and good value