Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I believe that Imbiss is now another victim of the recession.
( Ben, thank you for the info)

A few weeks ago my daughter noticed the word Imbiss emblazoned on a new premises in Seymour Place when we were rushing towards the Odeon Marble Arch (for that silly and total waste of money Quantum of Solace). The word or rather more accurately Imbiß, is snack in German; see it does pay to observe that young peeps benefit from learning a second language or two. Imbiss is a new Austrian eatery, with a shop front (and for that matter, the same applies to its interiors) that’s undauntedly unassuming and very much plain jane. This plainness approach is not helped by the fact that Imbiss is unfortunately located in a nondescript back street sandwiched between Gloucester Place and Edgware Road in Portman Village (if that exists in the first place!)

Now I’m a sucker for under represented cuisines in London. If a new Mongolian opens offering mare’s milk pudding or a Peruvian specialising in roasted Guinea pig then I’m all for it and at the same time if the offer of great food and good service is in evidence I’ll be gutted if the business fails. I turned up tonight for a quickish solo supper before Liverpool kicks off against PSV Eindhoven.

The first thing I ordered was Leberkäse or Leberkas, ‘a sliceable meatloaf with a consistency close to Frankfurter sausages’ (from their website). The funny thing is that, if I were to present a slice of this Austrian meatloaf in a blind tasting scenario you’ll probably think it was fried SPAM. Yes that was my exactly my impression, except that with an absolute relief it tasted nothing like the tinned variety, for it was rather moreish and ultimately delicious. Leberkäse comes in a variety of flavours but as it was my first I opted for the original.

My second discovery was a wurst known as käsekrainer, described on their menu as smoked pork sausage with pockets of melted cheese. This sausage, novel to yours truly, tasted good enough to be included in my own sausage digest. The two meats were accompanied by an average creamy salad of potato, tomato, and cucumber. I must point out that the on site baked brezel or pretzel was stunning.

Imbiss describes their niche as beer food, I think this is absolutely spot on, the only problem is I no longer have a penchant for any alcohol. No worries, I enjoyed the food and informality of the staid ambience enough to ensure any future visits.

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14 Seymour Place
London W1H 7NF


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