Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year Eve's Supper

Lazy sod dinner- poor and lacking in nutrients!


Tonight’s auspicious dinner is simply a throwback from my uni days. Meals were simple then and the usual culprits included beans on toasts, cornflakes (usually consumed late at nights), tinned spaghetti and of course this dish.

Prepare a pack of your favourite instant.
Get a pack of unsalted and unflavoured crisps.

Chuck the piping hot noodles into your favourite bowl (yes that blue thing has been with me since time immemorial!)

Administer a generous amount of the said crisps on top of the noodles, and let it soak the soup up gradually.
Now slurp and enjoy the 'crispy' noodles without a care in the world.

NB The unflavoured crisps is taken care of by the triplets of E621, E627 and E631 (don’t Google this, they are simply variants of MSG), and salt (huge amount as per usual) from the soup base powder. I tell you Sybil, where would we be without instant noodles.

23/01/09 reprise-

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