Friday, 23 January 2009

Taylor St Baristas

A** Flat White
(the first double star accolade)

OK listen up folks, I hereby announce that TSB is now one of my top three coffee places in London. Three things that make this place so good- excellent blend of beans used, properly trained baristi and the place is genuinely friendly (the last criteria is rare as hen's tooth as far as London is concerned).

Go, go, go!

Destination New Street!

G20 march at Liverpool Street, all very calm and no signs of WWIII. That fellow in the kilt is teddave.This flattie was made by one of the nicest geezers in London's cafe culture.
Nick's shit hot Grade A.Not quite sure where or whom TSB got this brownie from, together with Bea's it's the best I've had so far. £3.80 for the bite and caffeine.
I might not have a mirror on me but I'm sure my teeth were all sooted up after this.

Short Black made by Nick- Cracker of a cup, A grade!

Flat White by Michal- so delicious you could eat it, 'A' again!


Consistency is TSB's middle name
One of my top three coffee places in London.

Scroll on down for the more pics.

Popped by just to check things out. From the outside I thought it was going to be huge inside, but no, it's tiny and perfectly formed. It doesn't have the all round layabout comfort of let's say Lantana or Milk Bar.

It's a pity this place isn't on my patch, but they sure know what they're doing. Top 3 in London for me.

But it’s the coffee that matters. No china cups but paper jobbies.

This flat white was extremely good, that creamy thick foam is by far the best I’ve encountered. Glad to have made it.

1A New Street,
London, EC2M 4TP


I asked the friendly Aussie dude for his bestest Flattie.

It was fulfilled beyond expectations, a hellishly delicious cuppa. Thanks mate!

Apple bread/cake of some sort; fantastic.


Nicely concocted Flat White made my M, an assured Polish (!) barista.


Unknown said...

I was at TSB on Sunday (15/3) as well! Was just telling my friend that I didn't think it was worth it that these guys were open on Sunday because there weren't too many customers (three including us two in 30 mins during lunch-time). Still, I'm glad they were open.

I think Miko (?) made my Flat White, which was really good, and I embarrassed my friend by trying several times to take a photo of the beverage because the lighting where I was wasn't particularly good. Glad to see I'm not the only caffeine-snapper around!

bellaphon said...

That Polish barista (Michal I think) does indeed make a fine flattie. I only turn up here on Sundays after a heavy meal at nearby Spitafields.

Unknown said...

The week they opened, TSB had a sign saying the sweets were provided by Clarke's. I haven't seen the sign since, but I do know Clarke's do good brownies. Clarke's also provide the brownies for Wild & Wood.

bellaphon said...

Such wealth of information on all things sweet. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hello Bellaphon,
finally made it here today and LOVED the flat white--> Hard to choose between them and Latana and F&W (had one with WHOLE MILK yesterday. Yes yes I gave in and it was sooooo satisfying) . I liked the fact that YSB offered the loyalty card and the guy who made my drink had funky eye liner. Who is that??

bellaphon said...

Y- If the dude is tattooed and all, gotta be Vic. Loyalty cards always end up mauled in the washing machine! Would love to know your thoughts on Climpson and Sons.

rvacapinta said...

I love this place. They've opened up a new more spacious place at 125 Old Broad street. Went there today. Same great coffee!

bellaphon said...

rvacapinta- Thank you