Sunday, 4 January 2009

Dehesa (preliminary)

Dehesa Part II.

Yet another Spanish Tapas Bar. This is not a review but some pictures showing what I snacked on today. I like this place a great deal; good food, good location, good staff and good ambience.

Salt Cod Croquetas with Romesco Sauce

Classic Tortilla

Churros and Chocolate

25 Ganton Street
London W1F 9BP


kerstin said...

I want to go there, even though it is meaty.
A date was supposed to take me but he couldn't be bothered to wait the hour neccessary so we went to a common or garden Thai next door.

bellaphon said...

What, you're a veggie? That gorgeous leg of jamón ibérico lurking in the restaurant obviously doesn’t deter you. I don't trust dates who are not prepared to queue for good food and ambience.