Friday, 9 January 2009

Oranges, with bellybuttons.

Eating satsumas or clementines is a daily habit, it constitutes an approximate binge (albeit an advantageous one I believe) to curb my post smoking blues. Well now that the Christmas season is over my citrus fruits of choice are no longer sold cheaply, i.e. buy one get one free. As a result oranges or more accurately navel oranges are now my two hourly indulgence as they’re only two-a-penny.

I have a good friend who has led a very sheltered life (courtesy of a parent I daresay) that has never seen an avocado pear nor know what Stilton cheese is until recently. He has only seen avocado as slices or guacamoled, but never in its natural state and the only cheese he gobbles up is of the Dairylea variety (!). Now I’m nearly in th
e same boat as the friend with my preconceptions of the navel orange. I thought Navel was or could be a town in Spain somewhere. Oranges or any fruits for that matter have hardly ever featured as part of my adult diet, so I deserve a slight respite. I plead ignorance of the highest order but certainly not brain thick.

Wiki, I thank thee for the enlightenment (that conjoined twin within each orange is spooky).


sue said...

We had a navel orange tree in the backyard of the house I grew up in in Sydney : )

bellaphon said...

Where I grew up there were only oil palms and snakes!

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