Saturday, 3 January 2009


Damn, damn, damn!
Now rebranded as yet another Richoux bore2death joint fit for the permafrost lot!


Came straight here after a beefy encounter

Strawberry Sponge

The most humongous slice of coconut covered chocolate death- so delicious it should be banned


Iced Coffee

Selva Nera- Dark Chocolate surround with flakes of white chocolate to finish

Amorous Amato

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Despite being part of the Richoux group, I believe that Amato has always retained its independence and therefore the consistent quality of its superb cakes and pastries has also been maintained. If one were on a diet it would be a total waste of time to even step in here, as you’ll be confronted head on with the sinful display of the pâtisserie. Together with the Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road, Amato is responsible for the finest cakes in London and lest I forget the coffee is every bit as good as Bar Italia.

Let’s face it that the inside of the café is never going to be highlighted in an interior designer’s bible; at least it’s clean and bright. The service has always been friendly and efficient. What Amato lacks in the bohemian atmosphere of the nearby Maison Bertaux, it totally comes out better with its food and service. The usual café suspects like breakfast fry-ups are offered alongside the more generic Italian pasta dishes.

My near decadent choice of Spaghetti Carbonara was somewhat pleasing and appetizing; despite the claim on the menu of pancetta being used in the dish, I could’ve sworn it was just plain thick-cut back bacon and the lavish sprinkling of some unidentifiable dried herb was unnecessary.

Ultimately I come here for the cakes and coffee.

The huge choice of cakes on display can be daunting, if it weren’t for gluttony being one of the seven deadly sins, I could quite easily polish off four to five assorted slices in one go. The lightness and freshness of each individual slice indicate that they can only be baked and made in the same premises. The constant stream of customers, both eat in and take away, only goes to prove that this place is rather special.

I’m not suggesting that we all do a JK Rowling and make a cup of coffee last an
entire chapter of your forthcoming book, but Amato is very nearly that type of café, the word rush simply doesn’t exist in this establishment. Wonderful Amato.

14 Old Compton Street

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As of 16/01/09


thora said...

Oh oh, the cakes look delicious. Says the cake addict.

stephen said...

Yeah damn Richoux. Amato is no more: after a seriously bad refit, it's now been closed down, replaced by a French restaurant. Bye bye the best coffee in town, relaxed ambiance - a taste of the old soho. Hello generic modern tourist pap.

bellaphon said...

Stephen- Thank you for your comments. I do miss the capps here, I suppose the nearest equivalent is found at Arancina (despite the lack of creamy bakes) in yummy mummy territory, Notting Hill.

Unknown said...

omg;( i used to work there 10 years ago, it was the best place to work ever! i didnt know it closed down;( cannot believe that. there was another one by the same company, the manager was brother of Daniel Rapaccioli (one of the owner's of amato)in Holborn. i think it was called Amo, but am not sure, does anyone know?

bellaphon said...

malalai- thanks for stopping by. Sorry, no idea on my behalf! Amato is sadly missed.

Anonymous said...

HI all -= I'm new to this blog, but I have some NEWS about Daniel from Amato !!! He's running a fantastic Italian cafe called EATALY at 86 KIngsway in Holborn & I hear he has also started a new cake company / pasticcieria caled the FAMILY CAKE COMPANY !!! I was a big AMATO fan & found him there in Holborn, he really would love all his old customers/friend to look him up I have his email/tel number if you're interested. Let me know. Miri

Unknown said...

Hi miri, thanks for the info;) actually i already got in touch with Daniel;) but thanks anyway;)

Anonymous said...

Why on earth did Amato close down? How could Richoux think one of their personality free zones could work in Old Compton Street, of all places? Bereft of my favourite place to meet friends, I wander the London streets, muttering "Amatooo, Amaaatoo...."

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