Sunday, 25 January 2009

Le Bouchon Breton

Sunday Lunch at the terrace.
How can one say no?
Roast Leg of Lamb served with Goats Cheese Mash and Green Beans
A well deceived looking platter.
Tough elastic tissue or do they call it gristle or cartilage. My jaws can't chew on this and my tummy certainly can't digest it. Inedible dish. I left all the meat on the plate. When the plate was whisked away the waiter quite clearly didn't bother asking how it was.
Astoundingly pathetic!
15 minutes after my disastrous lamb mains, I asked the suited French 'surveillant' about the pud. He then, rather condescendingly I may add, lectured yours truly on LBB's strict policy of refraining from the use of microwave ovens. They warm things up the proper way, in real gas fired ovens! Well guess what, the Apple Tart Tatin was colder than lukewarm...poor show! Like the mains, I left half of it. A word with the Brit 'manager' only culminated in some wry facial expression.
Two probable reasons for today's disappointment, by choosing the set instead of a la carte (plus tap water!), I effectively 'asked' for it and the second reason is some places have their off days, today holds true here. I'm prepared to give this place another chance, so watch this space.
Truth be told- £12 for 2 courses is downright commendable.

M.Roux Jr, if you're reading this, today's lunch was downright miserable, it would be nice to encourage your staff to acknowledge any shortcomings. If there are misgivings about diners opting for the set menus, then it shouldn't be offered in the first place!

Immense value meals are to be found here, just don't expect life changing experiences. I love to spend Sundays here.

Scroll down for the more pics.

My first visit to Le Bouchon Breton was purely by default but ultimately impressive. The location is right…oh I can’t write about this anymore! All I can say is that on my second visit, the following points were confirmed; the food here makes me happy, the service likewise and that wonderfully buzzy location. This place serves traditional French grub without the pomp. Quite simply, Le Bouchon Breton is a true brasserie in every sense of the word and that certainly cannot be attributed to Le Café Anglais. Please read my first visit here.

6 different oysters from France and the British Isles. As always, the two smallest ones (also the costliest) tasted the best, Les Belons No 2 at 3 o'clock and Loch Ryan Native No 2 at 9 o'clock. The prawns were super fresh and delicious.

La Choucroute Alsacienne (Sauerkraut braised in Riesling with Smoked and Salted Pork Meat and Sausages) is even better than the one I had at Galvin's. This dish is simply divine, in fact very nearly profound. You won't find this dish served in its entirety in London except here.

Profiteroles a la Glace Vanille, sauce Chocolat- forget and postpone all diets, this decadent pudding will lead you into temptation.

As if there was a shortage of hot dark chocolate sauce.

Oh Lordy, Tarte Tatin Glace Vanille et Sauce Caramel- I know that I'm going down for this; in the words of a certain Mr Winner, 'it was historic!'

I never said it was cheap.

1st Floor
8 Horner Square

Old Spitalfields Market

London E1 6EW

Spectacular Set Lunch at £15.00

Wonderful warm and fresh baguette

Velouté of carrot with orange zest- ohh...the perfume of it!

Lovely brussels

Gigot d'Agneau

...or leg of lamb by any other name.

Incredible pudding of...

Dark and white chocolate praline cake- this is all too certain to die for!

That bloody bottle of Evian managed to infiltrate!


sue said...

Love the video of the chocolate sauce! My plain yoghurt is paling in comparison as I type...

bellaphon said...

;) I'm a little apprehensive about how this place (or the other audacious newbies in Spitafields for that matter) is going to weather on for the rest of this difficult year.

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