Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mrs Marengo's- only cakes.

One just cannot help but be instantly attracted to the dazzling window display of cakes and bakes at Mrs Marengo's. Today I succumbed to the temptation, bless me for all my sins as I walked in with a preconceived intention of not shedding any pounds whatsoever.

Mrs Marengo's is affiliated to the Soho institution of Mildreds (few doors down), which specialises in vegetarian food. The cakes were all absolutely beautiful, but they…whiffed of ambrosial nectar, but they…tasted sublimely gorgeous, but they were STALE!

Delicious Coffee and Walnut Cake...STALE!

Wonderful Lemon and Cherry Cupcakes...STALE!

One of the best I've tasted, Carrot and Pecan Cake...STALE!

Gawd, what pity! I think I should have expected this as they (cakes) were not covered up but exposed to the open air in the front of house all day long. I guess to be fair this is not a full review of the place but only of the cakes I had both in and taken away. Full review pending to include veggie burritos, veggie burgers, etc.

NB Strange staff, not exactly friendly, forced smiles and certainly not entirely helpful. Omnivores would accuse the veggies of being miserable (and vice versa), but Sybil, the girls who work here today were certainly so!

53 Lexington Street
London W1F 9AN

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Anonymous said...

stale cakes?!!??!!?!?
did you tell the staff?

I had to read twice before i actually realised you wrote stale.

bellaphon said...

Hi Vivi,

As I said, the cakes were delicious (all piggishly scoffed up!) but STALE! I'll nag on the management when I go there next.

Anonymous said...

Hmpf, stale cakes does not sound good.

The pictures look great though.

kang at

bellaphon said...

kang, good to have you on board.

gilly said...

Oops not good news, I'll have to have a stern word...
I'm the manager, and was away for a week, got back on thursday 22nd.
Sorry, when you're next in, just let me know.

bellaphon said...

Gillian, thanks all the same. I'm coming back for the savouries to complete the review, I think best to remain anon.

I heart cupcakes said...

I'll have to try these (After reading the managers comments) as they look great, and while I can never resist a cupcake I'm not keen on stale cake!

bellaphon said...

IHC- welcome. Let me know what you think of the cakes when you're here next. ;)