Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Crappus Maximus

To think that I championed the original Carnaby Street branch through thick
and thin. Why do companies insist on going down the route (or perhaps more appropriately the drain) of complacency as soon as they start to expand into a chain.

The regular Americano coffee was revolting, it was worse than the one found at any of the McDonald’s restaurants. It was basically a concoction of heavily watered down muddy coloured Thames’ best. The manageress, insisted this is how the coffee at Leon looks, smells and we hope, tastes like. OK fair point, since I haven’t had a sip I suggested that she took one from my cup to prove her point. She declined and gave me a shot of espresso and a replacement Americano instead. The espresso tasted as if it was made from the mildest roasted beans possible that can only befit a jar of instant. The replacement Americano was identical to the first and boy did it taste revolting; at least we can’t deny that Leon were being consistent on this issue.

The food fare no better, the arid Aioli Chicken Wrap had three slivers of chicken that was hopelessly lost in the bland mix of carrot and cabbage (I think they call this slaw?). This sandwich was the antithesis to the burrito found at Chilango, the Leon wrap was bland and dried out and the Chilango burrito was bland and swampy.

Henry, Allegra, John and all of you at Leon; it’s all very well spreading your love and intent all over the website and the menu, are you folks perhaps getting a tad big for your own shoes? If Leon is the future then I’m flummoxed.

35-36 Great Marlborough St

London W1F 7JE

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Hollow Legs said...

I've always found Leon to be over-priced for what you get. And alfalfa sprouts everywhere!

bellaphon said...

LOL! Forgot about the alfalfa sprouts!

kerstin said...

I quite liked the sweet potato falafel. But I went to the branch near the Tate.

steve said...

i find leon to be a bit hit or miss. the one at spitalfields is ok but i don't think iv'e ever had anything nice at the carnaby street premises except that amazing lemon/shortbread slice thing they do. everything is always dry and a bit tastless at carnaby street and it's all definitely overpriced for what it is.

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