Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sacred Café

Ganton Street shot from Carnaby Street

Just how novel is that?
Dollop of vanilla ice cream and your own cocktail flask of iced coffee- £3.00

Sacred, hats off for an excellent summer quencher and bloody good value it was too!

Tea Break in Carnaby Street
Green tea of Japanese rose (?) for two. Despite the name, it was refreshing.
Digging in the Rocky Road Cheesecake



Carrot Cake

Chocolate Brownie


I don't care much for the coffee here, but the staff, the food and the tea more than make up for it. Lovely chilled place.

Can I possibly keep up with the rise and rise of Aussie and Kiwi coffee houses in London? Surely the Italians must be worried sick with the antipodean renaissance of perfecting their caffè espresso and cappuccini to a large degree that’s never been witnessed two to three years ago in London. My all too recent love affair with this type of coffee served is down to the Flat White reviews found at Trusted Places. So the answer to the first question is a resounding yes, in fact let’s populate London with this kind of café. Its vibrancy can only be synergistic with the best city in the world.

Sacred Café was stumbled upon purely be accident. Countless times I’ve walked past this place only to be given the impression of yet another contemporary caff with ‘tourist trap’ intentions. It was during one afternoon when loitering (don’t ask) near its front window that I noticed the ‘latte art’ (ferny pattern and whatnot) on one of the customers’ cuppa; eureka! flattie served here. I must also state that Sacred doesn’t quite have the same underground following as its coevals like the said Flat White or Fernandez & Wells.

This place is all female staffed. I find them feisty (which I don’t mind at all, at least you know where you stand with ‘them peeps’) but welcoming.

The basement area where I ended up was like a chill-out lounge with decent music gently filling the entire room. This is the sort of place that might make me feel out of sorts if I’m in my fifties, it’s unashamedly youngish at best.

Well here’s my summary of the food and bever

Flat White- Smallish in size and strong tasting; but not delicious or ‘rock me boat’ type.

Organic Carrot Cake- this has gotta be the most beautifully presented slice of cake in London. The mélange of a twist of orange, slice of kiwifruit and strawberry complimenting the cake was a wonderful sight. The cake tasted moist and rather delicious.

Long Black- needed to try this to support my deduction of the flat white. Again it was indeed strong tasting but lacking that coffee boldness and sourish undertones were noted. I’m beginning to suspect that the beans were not of the Monmouth or Union variety. Disappointing.

I may well come back here, but perhaps only for the cakes and tea instead.

Carnaby Street Precinct
13 Ganton Street


The cakes here are bloody good, these guys actually take the trouble to ensure that they remain moist and delicious. The girls who work here are great as well. The coffee, oh stick to the tea!

Blueberry Muffin

Gold Diggers Chocolate Crunch Cheesecake

It was achingly satisfying!

The Flat White that failed to shake the world, my world that is. It was too 'polite'!

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