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Loong Kee Café

18 March 2012

Loong Kee Café might well be on the downward spiral-

Thankfully the char-grilled quails are still right up there.

But the pho was painfully disappointing- dubious beef and lacklustre broth.

And its scoresonthedoors leaves a lot to be desired.

Sad times…


Loong Kee Café is by far my favourite Vietaurant ever. I know it may well be inferior to what’s available in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, but I liveth ‘ere in London and I’m not budging. Vietnamese cuisine is not just about pho or bánh mi as it encompasses total gastronomic happiness. Loong Kee Café is currently applying for a drinks’ license, so bring your own Pinot Noir or Pouilly-Fumé before it’s too late! What I had recently-

Bánh tôm
Prawn cakes made with sweet potatoes. (Prawns were missing from there because dining companion harboured an adversity to eating sea insects)

Súp lươn
Snake eel soup. Do boost the soup up with some lethal fresh chilli relish from the condiment tray

Hấp tôm

Steamed prawns. This dish transport me back to where I’m from, Malaysia. Deceptively simple but delicious beyond words strewn with complimentary expletives. Served with a fiery seasoned salt and pepper dip and wasabi squirts on the side. Excellent.

Standardised veg stir-fried udon

Bún thịt nướng

Vermicelli and grilled marinated pork. So memorable I’m turning Vietnamese. Excellent.


Plain bánh cuốn (rice rolls) or chả chiên (Vietnamese sausage)
Both excellent, but the portion of the
chả chiên was ever so mean.

Weak beefy pho, definitely a miss tonight!
Little Miss Random, you win this time!

By contrast, the grilled fish vermicelli was much better.
Dill, how I love you to bits!


My comprehensive review at Trusted Places here.

Dinner with KC in London's Pho Mile, Kingsland Road. Loong Kee Café is without doubt the best in London for Pho. In fact their other Vietnamese dishes are also heroic.

Summer Roll

Cha Chien- Vietnamese fried minced pork sausage

Pièce de résistance of Pho Tái- Rare beef fillet noodle soup

Chargrilled Steak and vermicelli

Don't forget to end your meal with a delicious cup of 'keep u awake for 48 hrs' Vietnamese coffee preferably with condensed milk

We asked for a VAT receipt and this is what the young lady came up with, tut tut. Truly excellent dinner nonetheless.

134g Kingsland Road
London E2 8DY

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Anonymous said...

It's changed hands and now it's a shadow of former glory. Very sad indeed.