Sunday, 11 January 2009


It’s been nearly three months now since I decided to have a banana for breakfast every morning.

I walk a great deal every week, probably amounting to twenty miles a week. Around eight months ago I started to get chronic leg cramps, now this is an absolutely unnerving sight for anyone walking by; I would either be squatting down or stretching both legs uncompromisingly in the middle of a pavement. The symptoms were duly logged onto the web and internet hearsay suggested that smoking and the lack of potassium as the most likely culprits. Yup, I gave up smoking (after twenty years) because my walkabouts around London take precedence. And that banana thing was obviously included as part of the potassium supplement.

This reeks ‘psychological’ you might well holler, but those dreaded cramps have disappeared (digits crossed). I can now walk from Marble Arch to Hoxton pain free, so thank you banana.


thora said...

Well done for quitting smoking and sticking to it! and thanks for helping me to improve my English, you use so many words I have never heard of before (or a long time ago). I gave up smoking 5 years ago and have gained a lot of weight, hence the need for exercise. My man tought me to eat a banana every day, too, but I love fruit anyway.

bellaphon said...

Your English is immeasurably better than my German (I took this up as my third language, after French when I was 15). The only German words I know now are sadly Bayern Munich and of course Borussia Dortmund.

thora said...

Oh, bienvenue! I've been struggling with French all my life. Wonderful language, ever so hard to learn. - Forget about Bayern Munich!

bellaphon said...

French is indeed a wonderful language, but the French decided to keep it to themselves.