Sunday, 25 January 2009

Nude Espresso

Came back for a bit of 'c'mon then, impress me' time!

The best FW I've had at Nude to date!


Nude is still one of the most comfy coffee places in London, great ambience and brill staff, pity the coffee here falls short!

D liked her Flat White, I begged to differ, still milky weak IMO.

Raspberry and white choc muffin

Blueberry friand

The Iced Latte admittedly was refreshing and entirely acceptable


Well you can't accuse me of not being Ban Ki-moon, fair and diplomatic as I always am; I came back here to check things out.

Flat White- Still very weak, could've sworn it was a girlie latte. Disappointing.

Rather tasty Focaccia sandwich of Chicken, Brie, Rocket and sweet Sun Dried Tommies.


Nude Espresso is a cool place.

Nude gives a whole new meaning to ‘space’ that’s vital to enjoy your coffee. I think I’m beginning to think that the Kiwi interior is basically Scandinavian with warmth. It’s actually huge compared to all the other bespoke coffee oases in London and like all antipodean joints, expect this place to be genuinely friendly and welcoming.

The usual display of superior sweet and savoury snacks is beautifully laid out to entice the appetite.

Alas, the Flat White didn’t quite cut the mustard, it was smooth but it lacked kick.

Second FW to clarify doubts; much the same as the first; am I right in suggesting that all FWs are supposed to be made with at least two shots of espresso? The two that I had certainly didn’t taste that way.

Perhaps the mildness of the FW is part and parcel of Nude and consequently I belong to the ‘full-on-hit’ of coffee afficionados. Give Nude its due, the FW is the cheapest in London.

Nude is the reason why I’m going to start a ‘caffeine hit’ league on this blog. Watch this space.

26 Hanbury St
London E1 6QR


Tessa100 said...

It really depends on which bean you use and what size can make your own coffee's up. Kiwi's use double shots, Aussies, single....and London Cafe's have written their own laws :) Look at "Flat White", they use a triple shot basket, something I NEVER came across in Australia! Alot of coffee has a mellow taste as well, while still giving the "kick", you will probably find you just enjoy a stronger tasting coffee, not a higher caffeine content......hope this helps....

bellaphon said...

Tessa- Welcome and thank you. A thoroughly remarkable insight and enlightening to boot. At this point in time, Fernandez & Wells is responsible for the definitive cup IMO.

martha said...

it looks like such a nice and cozy place :)