Saturday, 3 January 2009

Bar Shu

Eight months later after the fire, Bar Shu is back. This is one fine restaurant and it's never cheap.

The refurbed interior is much lighter and less congested than the original.

We had some fancy tea that came with some lemongrass and a pot of honey.

Thin sliced pork rolls in spicy garlicky sauce.
Think shredded carrots and white radish wrapped in Parma ham.
Very good.

Gong Bao or Kung Po Chicken
Good but I've tasted better at the inconsistent Snazz Sichuan.

Assorted meats in fiery sauce.
This dish included ox tripe, pig intestines, pig's blood, pig's stomach and SPAM.
A truly amazing dish!

Tender beancurd with sliced mustard greens.
You'll need a ying dish like this to counter the yang of the hot offal hotpot.

What an auspicious start to 2009.

Not so much a review but I came across this earlier today in Soho. Bar Shu is one of the pioneering Mainland Chinese restaurants specialising in the ever-popular Sichuan cuisine. Thankfully I was informed by one of the firefighters that there were no casualties.

All the best to Bar Shu and I sincerely hope that they resurface soon.

My previous review at Trusted Places and some pics of a dinner I had there last year.

Ba Shan the little brother.

28 Frith Street
London W1D 5L


thora said...

Such a pity! Our favourite Thai restaurant burnt down too on Jan. 1.

bellaphon said...

Sometimes I just can't help thinking about insurance claims.