Friday, 2 January 2009

Harry Morgan (II)

***Shuttus Maximus***

Lunch with Bron, I refused her request of Bodean's so we were both chuffed with HM instead.

Bron's Bagel with Chicken Schnitzel

My Bagel with Smoked Salmon

Chicken Schnitzel sandwich with salad & mayo

Tongue and bagel

No, this ain't New York, but thank heavens for our own Harry!

Scroll down for more pics.

Came here for brunch/lunch today, totally deserted and as a result the already
decent service was immeasurably better. It's been well accepted that the best deli sandwiches hail from New York City, but in the mean time I more than happy with Harry Morgan's effort near Oxford Circus.

Fresh Mint Tea

Chicken Schnitzel on Rye with salad, crisps & mayo

Back to work.

6 Market Place
Oxford Circus
London W1W 8AF

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As of 24/01/09-

Are we all not worthy of this incredulous and joyous meal of smoked salmon and toasted bagel.


The amazing Chicken Soup with Kreplach, Kniedlach and Noodles

Apple Strudel

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