Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tikka Delight


Seekh kebab wrap nonpareil. Two skewers of minced lamb (aka kofte) wrapped in a ghee-smothered paratha with salad and plenty of hot chilli and mint sauces. £3.50.


One of the bestest kebabs in London

Chicken kebab roll at £3.00.

Chicken Biryani at £5.00.

Irrespective of lamb, chicken or vegetarian, this biryani takes some beating. As Tikka Delight was originally conceived to feed the Muslim community in the area, none of the food sold at the stall is dumbed down in anyway. This wonderful rice dish is suitably spicy. The only problem is that by the time you take it away and heat it up in a microwave oven, it destroys the dish. If you can, eat it there and then, by the stall.

The owner has told me that on Saturdays they concoct a whole lot more curries and dishes including lamb chops. He’s aware of Tayyabs’ take on the latter and he’s prepared for the challenge. Seek out, folks!


A jewel in a market

It’s let the secret out time!

Church Street Market is frankly a wretched place. Its stalls are to the Pound Shop hoi polloi what farmers’ markets are to foodies. Church Street itself is part of a sprawling council estate in Central London, whilst not entirely a no-go area it’s certainly not hip either (This is not Hoxton u know, drinking a glass of Prosecco here would probably incite crass class wars). If in the eventuality Mr God were to send a certain Nick Griffin to hell, then Church Street Market would be a stonking ideal.

I have to come here in order to get my monthly fix of Approximate Thai tuck (yes that’s the deal we get here in the UK, although some are less approximate than others i.e. Market Grill). Church Street is also home to where the secret lies-

Tikka Delight

Uninspiring name with a perceivable ramshackle of a stall, but by golly their kebabs are out of this world!

A previous snapshot of their banner indicated that TD has been serving the community since 1990! Not much is known about this family-run business except that they’re Pakistanis and they’re wonderfully friendly. If you intend to turn up on Fridays, just be warned of the times that has been set aside for prayers; the stall will be shut from 1.20-2.20pm. Not that Church Street Market is that huge in the first place, but to save you time, TD is located alongside Britain’s finest that's Tesco.

Methinks the Turks are the best at kebabs (the plethora of Lebanese joints on Edgware Road only produce very bland and overpriced imitations) but here at TD they are every bit as good.

Charcoal barbie, a sight for sore eyes for when the tummy rumbles

Real bread, none of that mass produced and synthetic tasting pitta here

The homemade chilli sauce is brilliant, however the garlic sauce is the usual 'B&Q it' emulsion gloop!

Atkins version of mixed kebabs for less than £4

This is real street food, and TD are licensed to sell it...

unlike certain dodgy characters!

Tikka Delight is apparently also well regarded by their fellow Asian customers for their Biryani. This obviously holds true as it usually sells out by the time I get there. As per usual I shall report back on this dish (plus the pakoras and samosas) when I get the chance. In the meantime do come here for the kebabs and you know it's not going to hurt your wallet. Highly recommended!

By enlarg If I didn't mention it then they don't stock it, sod the Doner...

Church Street
London NW8 8DT


kerstin said...

I love this kind of food reportage. Keep meaning to go down to Church street, I was told yesterday that shops nearby sell giant Passion fruits and Persian rose petals.

Gastro1 said...

I agree what you say about the Turks and Kebabs but would also add Syria and Syrians.

The best Kebab I have ever had bar none is in Damascus a special place next to the HQ of the Mohabarat (Secret Police) I was the only person there not wearing shades :-)

The whole range of charcoal grilled meats was superd.

Hollow Legs said...

Have you been to 101 Thai Kitchen in Hammersmith? Meant to be very good, or so I hear.

Helen said...

Brilliant, brilliant find! Although I should not have read this at lunchtime, my tummy was indeed rumbling when I saw that charcoal grill. What a wonderful sight. I bet the smells are heavenly.

bellaphon said...

MML- Alas, no passion fruits or petals of any sort here; at least the availability of footwear came in useful...

Gastro1- Thanks, you just reminded me on going back to Abu Zaad pronto.

Lizzie- I've read bothKake's and Su-Lin's reviews, best go soon.

Helen- You're welcome ; )

Teresa Stokes said...

I love this stall, I always go for the home made bhajis which are nothing like what you find in a supermarket. I agree Church St is a bit grotty but I love it because it is absolutely non-touristy, and has very cheap fruit and veg. The only people who seem to go there are locals, and Arab visitors from down the Edgware Road

Unknown said...

Wow! wonderful post! what a nice picture. Way too tempting. Yum! I don't have an outdoor grill, but well now I know I can try in my oven too, so I'm gonna try it out very very soon chinese food

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