Sunday 31 May 2009

Taste of Spain 2009

Lisa, since you mentioned it first, here we go-

The huge advantage with being a Londoner is you're spoilt rotten by events like this. Bliss.

Regent Street. Noon, hot but made comfy with a slight breeze.

As if we don't get enough of it. I was going to rant about Barcelona beating Man U, but I think we all need a break.

21st century Dali wannabe



Impossibly pretty

No fake tan here mate

As for food, the usual suspects were here

Come to think of it there weren’t many food stalls...

...there were two jamon stalls...

...dishing out tiny tiny slices for free. Look at those hands!

Paella, otherwise it wouldn’t be a Spanish event would it?

Like the jamon stalls there were two of these set up as well; to feed the five thousand no less.

I didn't stay for the rice to be cooked, it was getting too congested and hot hovering next to the giant paellera.

Lunch at Dehesa nearby.

The Spanish do thrive on surrealism

The following snaps are of people. Beautiful people.

Dustmen like you and me him fall into this category as well

Till next year...


thora said...

Nice photos of wonderful people. (Since you need a break I won't mention I loved Barcelona beating ManU.)

Su-Lin said...

:D I loved this event when they held it a few years ago. Shame I wasn't in the country this weekend!

Lisa said...

OK so I missed out big time! :( Will definitely check it out next year, it looks great. Fab photography too.

meemalee said...

I was torn between going to this and Taste of Asia - I went to the latter in the end so I'm glad I could virtually visit this one through you :)

Helen Yuet Ling Pang said...

I keep forgetting about Taste of Spain! But then I don't like crowds much...Great atmos shots though.

Anonymous said...

random! just got back from madrid - the food wasn't too great :(

but i did discover the delights of churros and chocolate "soup" as we like to call it! :D