Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lantana- Again


I shan’t be back for another two months (hols, etc.)
Hope you guys win the café of the year.

You don't need sugar when the flattie is of nirvana proportions.

Brilliant Bacon and Egg Buttie.
Slice Break it in half and eat with your hands. Only Mummy's boys use cutlery.
Claire, your personality warmed up a rather nippy morning. Thank you.


Dead quiet morning in Fitzrovia, suppose it’s the Bank Holiday weekend looming.

I forgot to bring my book about Kazakhstan, had to resort to reading The Guardian :(

Toasted museli muesli with yoghurt, honey, shredded apple and milk.
I believe Shelagh was surprised that I plumped for this healthy option. Well, I was too. It was good but I can’t wait till it gets colder when porridge is the mainstay.

Lunch with KC.
He had chicken skewers and I had the steak sandwich (with beetroot nontheless, an Aussie thing!) The latter together with the one at J+A are the best big meat sarnies in London.

Had to wait for this shot, the place was totally packed out this morning; if you wanted a coffee you had to wait. Goodness comes to those who persevere.

The Flat White was made by Lantana's head flake, the unshakeable Shelagh.
I've never had a cuppa made by her so it was the first. It was the bee's knees.

Thou shall have a posh breakfast at least once a month.
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. The dill crème fraiche and toasted brioche were prodigious.

9.12 AM

Jen's Class A**

Ham, spinach and cheddar cheese omelette with tomato chutney and gregariously buttered sourdough toast.
A noble place serving noble breakfasts fit for noble appetites like mine.
If I were to tell you that this breakfast was my only meal of today you probably wouldn’t believe me, well it was.
I’m working my way through the summer rainy menu, so far so magnanimously yummy!

Brought these Grado headphones in for Tim to drool, he has since been converted. An audiophile/barista, what luck!

By this evening I've had eight shots of caffeine hits! Two above, five at the new Espresso Room in Bloomsbury (review to come) and one at
Bar Italia.
I was well zombiefied...

Baked eggs with chorizo, mushrooms, spinach and spicy tomato sauce served with grilled flat bread and crème fraiche.

Incredulous it may seem but I don't get to eat proper eggs that often (except in cakes), this new addition to Lan's breakfast menu was an absolute joy to savour and behold. I was actually a lot less condescending to my customers after this!

Newman Passage

New Menu
Even more of excuse to justify my weekly visits here.

Tim, your Flat Whites are de rigueur! Class A**

Mushrooms and spinach sautéed with garlic served on wholemeal sourdough toast

Just to confirm again, it was very good Shelagh.


Warm Banana Cake with Pecan Butter

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall eat porridge"

The last time I had porridge was at school and that was decades ago. With bananas, raisins and honey. So delicious I felt blessed.

Reading Google's Chrome OS.

A* Flat White made by Brenda.

Unusually for yours truly, a meat free lunch of polenta and Portobello rooms salad. It's that sauce again, an absolute bloody triumph!

Indefatigable flattie made by Audiophile Tim.
In the background is Lan's signature Hummingbird cake. The cake is a joy to behold let alone eat. The icing sets new standards IMO.
Moi aussi, J'accuse- I too thought they were bought in from their namesake. Apologies. Read here for clarification.


Fitzrovia at 8.25 AM

Bacon Sandwich

Excellent flat white made by Leroy from Tina's (he's just temping here). I've said it once before and I'll say it again, he's a world barista champ in the making! Thanks Lee.

Flattie and Cindy Sherman

Lamb curry with couscous and yoghurt
Reminiscent of school curries but refined inordinately. Mild and sweetish would've preferred rice instead as I find couscous indifferent. Extremely generous amount of tender meat included. Thoroughly enjoyed it, will order again.

Coffee skive with Top Cat. Enjoyed a summat friend friand and slice of banana bread.

Top Cat's first Flat White. ''Shit that's strong!'', Top Cat since became Top Wuss.

Corn Fritters la dee dah

Chicken skewers la dee dah

Worth(y)while lunch with a legend.
Great to have met you Lizzie and as well as Charmaine , another A-Lister (with her lunch takeaway).

Weather permitting, outdoor habits that accompany an excellent cup of Flat White


Two reasons prompted me to allocate a third post to Lantana Café. Last week I received an anonymous email (you know the one that includes all the 26 alphabets plus the requisite 10 digits) adumbrating Lantana Café and myself were joined at the hip, thereby leading to a conflict of interest to which I should refrain from writing about it altogether. Secondly Lantana Parts 1 & 2 are now heavily congested with pictures of food and flat whites; more space is now needed. I’ve been religiously going to Lans every week for the past six months* without fail, so ‘abcd…6789@wind-up.commie’ you’re right in a way; the caff and I are practically ‘joined at the hip’. As I’ve mentioned in the past I feel totally at ease here and the food and coffee have always been consistently good (despite some of my contemporaries’ findings). Besides my relations with the good people who work here are hardly intimate, it’s more often the case of hello and goodbye, period. Some places hold dear to me and Lantana is one of them.

For more rambling and whatnot on the place please read-

Lantana Part 1

Lantana Part 2

Fishcakes and warm Napoli sauce with an avocado, rocket and cucumber salad

Everything on the plate was scrumptious but the highlight was the tomato sauce. It was so delicious that I could just eat it with a bowl of penne. Yum.

This is the thing that got me here in the first place. Precious Flat White.

*I shall miss the place in September when I'm off to Tibet China for a long overdue holiday.

13 Charlotte Place

London W1T 1SN


Hollow Legs said...

I wish I liked this place. Alas, I found it over-priced and cold (not the food, but the actual cafe).

bellaphon said...

Yowser Lizzie- Give me a shout I'll buy you breakfast or lunch here, I want to see if I have to eat my sixth hat in front of you.
My email's on the profile page.

Hollow Legs said...

Thanks for lunch! It was lovely to meet you. I stand corrected about Lantana; those corn fritters were delicious. Sigh. I hate being wrong.

Unknown said...

that Napoli sauce was Amazing..I had the cajun salmon and salads yesterday. The BF couldn't get enough of that sauce and kept sneaking it off my plate. FW here still beats Nude though.
I am so envious--do you work around the area? I wish I did and weren't stuck in far off canary wharf! A real dearth of good food there. Hmmph.

bellaphon said...

Yvonne- I'm semi nomadic, I divide my time between W1 and W2. I'm very much a Central London person, I don't need travelcards. To live and work in a sterile place like Canary Wharf would simply suck the life and soul out of me (and besides they don't allow photography!).

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