Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Coffee Plant

Coffee Plant describes itself as a funky coffee shop. Well its seemingly loyal customers cetainly look the part but the shop was anything but (most Portobello folks are funky anyway). To be honest there is very little to write home about this place.

Brutal it may well be; if Shelter ever decides to have their own cafe or canteen, it'll look a zillion times plushier than here.

As well as offering drinks and grub, a huge variety of coffee beans are on offer.

I'm more than a little perturbed that the containers above where the beans reside are uncovered and exposed to the air. Oh well I suppose it gives the whole place a comforting aroma at least.

Very much a students' union influence here!

Tries hard to have an Aladdin's cave atmosphere but fails.

Scrambling Eggs has already mentioned (albeit briefly) the hit and miss reputation of this place here.
This has to be one of the cheapest Flat Whites in London at £1.70. Yes, no prizes for guessing that it tasted like one too. For a coffee roaster that's been around in the capital for over two decades, this is a cup of melancholic proportions. I digress.

I'll have to go through the 'give the benefit of the doubt' routine with this place. I shall report dutifully on my next visit. In the meantime, poor beyond...

180 Portobello Road
By enlarge Notting Hill
London W11 2EB

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Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one.
I live in Kensington, an area that is crying out for a decent coffee shop. So, I had high hopes for this place.
What a disappointment, the place is mediocre at best. The coffee is almost undrinkeable for real coffee lovers and the food is awful. Once I ordered a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, it took ages to arrive and it arrived all doughy (hardly touched a toaster) and the quality of the bread and filling was terrible, as if it was out of the can.
However, there are always people sitting inside and outside, just to show how clueless most people are when it comes to coffee (and food).