Thursday, 21 May 2009

Jamie Oliver

The launch of Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Kit at Debenhams, Oxford Street London
Members of the press and esteemed food bloggers were invited. (Me, I'm neither I just sneaked in).
This was a lavish occasion, champagne reception with strawberries and cream and three and a half cameras (including mine).
Some of you might be delighted by the sight of these...
...and this
What I can tell you is that Jamie is awfully proud of the all purpose 3-in-1 peeler; that was from the horse's mouth as well as uttered with fervour.
Before you ask, no goody bags were given away and certainly no autographs handed out (sad for eBay vendors). Who those Moo cards belong to are anyone's guess.
If I were given one of these mugs as a pressie, I would insist on the receipt as well.

The man himself; that attire spells pukka.

If Fergus is the classic English Eccentric, then Mr Oliver is a true Zircon Diamond Geezer.

By enlarIt was another great skive off work today. Many thanks to
MsMarmitelover and this really nice Alan Handsome of a dude that's Dom Whitehurst for giving me the chance to shake hands with Jamie Doodah.


kerstin said...

lol the video clips especially the one where I'm introducing myself to Jamie and he's trying to be polite, blinking, thinking er....who the fuck?
But! You missed out the bit where when I put it into context and he says he has read my blog and somebody from his office came to my resto...phew!
He must meet so many people.
He did his best, was warm, honest, personable but it must all get a bit tiresome I reckon. Maybe that's projection on my part?
I don't like the fact that on his Twitter he doesn't follow people back. But he's got a young family, has been in the public eye for 11 years so probably values his time off.

Food.By Mark. said...

You've got to love those mugs.

Does anyone actually use Jamie Oliver kitchenware?

I once was given a Flavour Shaker... yeah. Pukka.

bellaphon said...

MML- Blood batteries ran out at the most inconvenient time. Actually I was more excited (and nervous) when you asked that woman about her hubby leaving her after she enthused about the flavour shaker to Jamie.

Mark- I can well imagine Gavin's and Stacey's Mums using the contraption in their respective kitchens in Billericay and Barry. To these folks, he's demi God.