Wednesday, 6 May 2009


A working/layabout day in Brighton beckons

East Croydon, every over-stayer's nightmare

I like my coffee, but at the same time I'm not that desperate

The last time I came here was over five years ago when I took my daughter to my old prison school.

Just checking we're in the right town.

Brighton is also well served by TSB.

Wondrous Flat White made by Fergus, this 'A' cup puts some of the London efforts to shame!
It was also my very first Flat White (as well as cappuccino) in Brighton.



Now I do the touristy thing

Sod the sandcastles!

Sea Haze seafood stall.

There's only one English way with seafood preparation, just boil everything and serve cold!
Those crabs are not real and by enlarge I can't stand crabsticks!

Seafood cocktail for £2.50.
I decided not to show the second photo whereby the cup was drenched with lashings of malt vinegar. Yum.

Brighton Smoke House aka Jack & Linda Mills Traditional Fish Smokers

They're famous for their fresh crab sandwiches. £3.20
A simplistic sarnie using the freshest shellfish. Bit of bargain compared to some of Pret's deluxe jobbies.


Lovely slice of Raspberry and Coconut bake

Another great Flattie in Brighton, this time using Monmouth beans.

The layout and concept are quite clearly inspired by Fernandez & Wells

Brighton station

£21.00 day return, rip-off Britain!


Taylor St Baristas
130 Queens Rd

Sea Haze
207 Kings Road Arches

Brighton Smoke House
197 Kings Road Arches

33 Trafalgar Street



Sue said...

When I saw you had been to Brighton I was wondering if you would pop into TSB for a flat white. Glad it was a good as usual!

bellaphon said...

Hey Sue, consistency upheld at TSB Brighton! Pity they didn't have any Caramello Koalas left!

thora said...

Non-foodist and non-coffee-connoisseur that I am I laughed at your sandcastle statement. I love seafood in all varieties.

Unknown said...

£21! £21! I could get a coach to Kuala Lumpur and back from Singapore for that price.

Sorry. Having had to do my own bit of commuting while meeting with my new employers, I was appalled at the train prices. Erk.

Anyway, TSB's flat white art looks lovely. I had a gorgeous one at the London one the day I got back from vacation earlier this week, but he put the plastic lid on before I could take a photo. Ah well!

I heart cupcakes said...

If you book in advance its a tenner - we went down 2 weeks ago for a gig and ate lots and drunk too much!

You missed out on some fine cupcakes from Angel Food Bakery in the lanes!

bellaphon said...

IHC- I'm gonna save meself a tenner on the ticket and spend it on some cupcakes. Thanks for the tip!

lynsey said...

I first went to coffee @ 33 last summer, I was also working for Fernandez & Wells then, and had a really weird moment of walking in... stopping.... and having the "oh my god" moment.

Makes nice coffee, but not as good as f&w.

BTW, cool blog, its a pleasure to read it.

bellaphon said...

Lynsey- thanks for stopping by. F&W are still tops in London, but Drury, that went off my radar until you...

Lisa said...

I'm a big fan of coffee@33 - great coffee and the guys are always very friendly.

I heart cupcakes is right about Angel Food Bakery - delicious!

You should also try breakfast at Bills Produce Store next time you're in Brighton.

Great blog BTW - just discovered it today!

bellaphon said...

Lisa- Thank you for your comment and tip offs. I just got back from Brighton again, had a very average meal at Momma Cherri's. If only I read about Bills Produce Store earlier :(

Graphic Foodie said...

So many great places to eat in Brighton. Bills is good but Chilli Pickle is excellent as is Sam's (in Kemp Town). Great place for pastries is Cocoa on Queens Rd leading up to the station. And yes, Angel Food is well worth a visit!

bellaphon said...

GF- a pleasure to have you gracing me blog. Am heading back to Rottingdean and Lancing in July (old schools' get togethet etc) and I shall try out your recs. Thank you.