Friday, 8 May 2009

Real Food Festival 2009

I'm indebted to K for smuggling me in, so thank you K.

That chap behind the cheese was giving another photographer the theory of relativity on why no one is allowed to take photos of his stall! Tompous pwit!

By enlarge All the exhibitors were very friendly and obliging save the above.

‘We do not castrate, clip the tails or the teeth of any our pigs’
Nice reassuring reminder from this friendly stall.
even if I don't cook, I want one of these...

Free food samples at the show were limited to mere scraps or nowt. If you wish to stop the tummy rumbling you'll have to pay for it! My Salt Marsh Lamb burger at £4 from the The Thoroughly Wild Meat Co Ltd

The burger was incredibly tasty, can't say much for the fridge cold bun...
The best coffee I tasted at the show

Took a break and found this lost soul and Tardis on Earls Court Road

Have you noticed by now, no snaps of booze, sorry folks!

Allegra McEvedy
I must say that she was an absolute natural, funny and spontaneous; still I find her Leon crap!

The highlight of the show was Braggard himself
He coined that himself, it's stitched on his sleeves!

His reputation is intact with a dish of ox hearts

Despite the horrible 'P'...

...he's still very much a classic English eccentric!
The geezer's my kinda hero!

Ox heart and beetroot salad à la St.John


Kate said...

Great photos - they put mine to shame! Did you buy anything exciting or were you just browsing?

bellaphon said...

Kate- Thank you, to think we could be next to each other at the McEvedy demonstration snapping away, anonymity preserved! Erm, I didn't buy anything at the show except lunch; I don't cook, hence no larder to speak of!

Food.By Mark. said...

Brilliant! Nice photos. I attended this last year courtesy of comp tickets from an organic fruit company that supplies our office. Looking forward to it. I had no idea that Fergus Henderson would be doing a cookery class though. Wish I'd known that.

Hollow Legs said...

Blimey - you were quick getting this post up! I went yesterday for a quick walk round but am returning today to have a proper look.

I heart cupcakes said...

Nice pics - I meant to drag myself along to this this year but just didn't get round to it! Just going to re-read why you don't like Leon - I'm quite fond of their milkshakes and hot choc!

Helen Yuet Ling Pang said...

Great photos! Can't believe I missed the Fresh Fish Company though. Sad. My post is up tomorrow, but it looks like you had more fun than I did...

glutton boy said...


I went on the friday,

I couldn't disagree more about the ham and cheese company. I found them incredibly friendly and obliging. We are certainly going to be buying a lot of their ham and cheese. I found that a lot of the suppliers were largely there in order to find distributors. It's lovely and all that most are small scale local producers, but at the end of the day they are interested in selling their goods and not necessarily interested in rubbernecking tourists, of whom there are many at these events. When was the last time, for example, you went to borough and didn't have to fight your way through crowds of buggies and tourists to actually buy something?

Chris Parkman

bellaphon said...

Chris, thanks for your comment. The incident is most probably an isolated one, but what I witnessed can only be described as condescension. That alone I find all too pathetic.
BTW, I've linked to your site.

meemalee said...

I was a bit disillusioned by the whole thing though that didn't stop me spending far too much.

Interesting to see that we didn't overlap on any stall and like Helen I'm gutted I missed the Fresh Fish Company!

My write-up's here

bellaphon said...

Meemalee- pleasure to have you commenting on the blog. Frankly I'm bored of the distractions go, how authentic is Mandalay on Edgware Road? I was just surprised that the place is halal and on that account alone it's a can short of a six pack to be deemed pure Burmese.

BTW- nice site.

Kang said...

Sorry for being pedantic, but when you say 'By enlarge' (strikethrough), do you mean to say 'By and large' ?o

Or am i missing something?

bellaphon said...

Kang- On top of the usual grammatically challenged train wreck of my anti-prose, *by enlarge* is an additional trademark, albeit by default.

kang said...

Bellaphon - Ah I see, I am catching up with your material now, totally understand the signature style you got going on, every blogger has/needs one.

meemalee said...

Hi again bellaphon!

"as distractions go, how authentic is Mandalay on Edgware Road? I was just surprised that the place is halal and on that account alone it's a can short of a six pack to be deemed pure Burmese."

Heh - I didn't realise you replied here - I'd made a comment on your review of Mandalay instead, but I love, love your metaphor and totally agree with it! Tain't Burmese if there ain't piggy.

In fact all the dishes at Mandalay have a bit of an Indian bias - while it's true that there are Indian influences, it's not representative of Burmese cuisine as a whole.

My brother has (very) idle dreams of opening a proper Burmese place at some point, but he lives in Scotland so it'd be a bit of a trek :)