Saturday, 11 April 2009

What I'm snacking on #3

I'm the sort of person who has nothing to hide (except my mug shot, I'm no Brad Pitt). What I consume I can only share with you. The above pic is doubly worrying, it shows that I was reading about the Q&A of an F-list celebrity whilst preparing to snack on an otherwise faux double chocolate muffin. Let's put the record straight, I'd rather be reading Aldous Huxley's Brave New World except that eating a muffin simultaneously with a paperback can be a messy affair. Whereas the Guardian Weekend mag doubles up as a mat to catch the crumbs, all so convenient. Period.
The muffin (or toy) and its list of ingredients. For those who are long sighted, it includes Glycerol, Lecithins, Valrhona cocoa powder, sorbitol syrup, E541, Potassium sorbate, xanthan gum and flavourings (monosodium glutamate). It tasted contrived. I felt duped but I still finished it because I’m only a pig.
The muffin was part of an Easter mini-choc hamper, an incentive courtesy of one of my suppliers. I suppose it’s the thought that counts. I’m always eternally the badly informed pessimist although some people call that an optimist.
Now you see why I can’t give these away to Gerry, my favourite Big Issue seller, he would take the gift of ‘non-food’ as an insult! I’ve decided to stash this lot in a drawer and save it for a rainy day. After all they have a very, very long shelf life and I've been known to binge.

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