Thursday, 2 April 2009

I can't start a day without...

...a couple of filter cups. The beans I go for tend to be single estate and strong (strengths 4 or 5). Shown below is Blue Sumatra from the Algerian Coffee Stores. I shall be trying out some of the blends from Square Mile et al in due course.

The above grinder is vintage Bodum (17 years old)
Coffee machine used is a cheap Argos, despite being abused by London's ultra hard water, it's still ticking along.
The cup that readies me for Flat Whites later in the day.
Like caffeine, I need music as well. I can't have my cuppa first thing in the morning without it.


thora said...

Looks very strong! What are the other CDs?

bellaphon said...

Tom Waits- believe me you'll fall in love with his voice, it's like Marge Simpson gone haywire!

Coco Rosie- I heard this at my favourite cafe, Lantana. Weird anti-folk/dance/opera melange. I love it.