Thursday, 2 April 2009

Fernandez & Wells, St. Anne's Court

Popped in for a quicky cuppa with Mr Lo

Finally got to meet Juan (the chap below) and Angel (contender for one of the classiest baristi in London and also the tall lanky chap as described on the bottom of the post). Guys thanks for making F&W such a pleasure to venture in.


Iced Latte
A perfect remedy for my semi disastrous lunch at the sister restaurant.

Met this dude outside F&W. He's Robbie Humphries from a two dudes band known as The Cash Cows. Please visit their site, they're amazing!
Thumbs up for their rendition of Talking Heads' Psycho Killer

Another dude from F&W. One of the very rare and friendly humans in London's progressively growing coffee culture.

Flattie and Stumpy
Both A** grades!
For every FW there are three shots of ristretto, an F&W standard. No more excuses for siesta breaks after this!

Coffee break with KC.
My stumpy in the middle was excellent, basically a latte for real men.

An empanada pretending to look like a Cornish Pasty

Chicken, egg and olive filling. Drenched with spicy and garlicky chilli sauce, pure lunch heaven!

Flat White- brilliant as per usual. It doesn't matter who makes the coffee here, F&W have got it all sorted- their staff are trained well!
Doughnut with a hint of lemon
Folks or those who only fell to earth recently, this is a drinking tap, don't have a facial here please!


Can't get away from this place that easily!Let's get some food and drink nowDon't blame him if he's holding up the queue, a decision just cannot be made within a few seconds!Poilâne bread with white beans and anchovy
So good, it deserved a different perspectiveCaramel slice- not just any type but a rather upmarket oneExcellent Flat White


For a chain (well there are 3 shops) these guys are so very good! I feel very much at home here, gawd knows what will happen if Sr.Fernandez left a bed here!

F&W are most certainly going places.
Sweet little milk cart
The baby sibling to the other two was delivered by a stork and planted in a thoroughfare linking Dean Street and Wardour Street in Soho.
As ever the fair knight that yours truly is, this news was courtesy of Lameen.
Popped in to confirm that the DNA in evidence was indeed that of F&W. Let it be known that Fernandez & Wells are an Anglo Spanish outfit.
I only found out about it when one of the guys told me as I was a little perturbed with the likes of Flat White, Short this and Long that, missing from their drinks blackboard. The interior as you can see is the tried and tested formula of drab chic. The wonderful thing with this kind of rustic approach to shop fitting is that it can be adapted to any other kind of business thereafter, from estate agents to a Moldavian mini-mart.Despite not evidently on the menu, I ordered a Flat White. Well, what do you think? It’s F&W, if they were to set up a shop in La Paz; it’ll still be grade ‘A’. I’m impressed with these guys.
No doubt I shall be back for the munchies and more caffeine hits. In the meantime welcome to the fold, F&W, yet again. Recommended beyond the realms.

NB There’s this tall lanky fellow that most of you would’ve recognised from the other two operations, I tell you he’ll go a long way. That dude knows a thing or two about hospitality, Michael Winner would soon adopt him as a son he never had!

16A St Anne’s Court
Soho, London W1


Hollow Legs said...

I find it rather odd that they opened a branch so close to the original. Still, I'm not complaining!

bellaphon said...

Favourable lease young lady, now's the time to sign the dotted line.

bellaphon said...

Oh there's also the blessed 1 in 3 chances of us bumping into each other.

Gastro1 said...

Nice one did not know there was a 3rd.

They are creating an axis of joy !

bellaphon said...

Gastro1- Not too quickly I hope. The word enfranchisement rattles me worryingly!