Friday, 3 April 2009

Chocolate Festival or Choc Star stole the show!

“ …and far too much chocolate than any normal human body can take will do to you. I am most definitely suffering from a chocolate-induced hangover now; I've just eaten a slice of bread in an attempt to get the taste out of my mouth. I can only hope I recover in time for the chocolate festival this weekend! I was intending to go tomorrow to beat the crowds, but I doubt I'll be in any fit shape to go.’’

A quote from one of my favourite bloggers. Little Miss Random, I just had to with this excerpt of yours, it appropriates this post like nothing else I could think of. Thank you in advance.

My partiality towards chocolates only came about five months ago when I stopped smoking. No I’m no chocoholic but I do appreciate the finer aspects of it, and rather like fine wine (erm, I no longer drink as well) I can exploit them with the near photographic memory of my taste buds. London’s first Chocolate Festival at the Southbank Centre was grapevined at the indispensable London Eating blog.

A near perfect spring afternoon, albeit hazy. The Southbank Centre whether you like or not, is part of a carbuncle alley zone that is proving to be gratingly endearing over the years.
What's the point?

Personally I think the close proximity to Thamesy helps, otherwise the whole place would’ve been totally bulldozed without much sympathy.I reckoned there were probably within twenty stalls at the festival, in essence a smallish but perfectly organised event. Just as well I came today as I shudder to think what the crowd’s going to be like on Saturday and Sunday instead.

Righty oh, best let the pix do the talking-

Something keeps distracting one of my four eyes
It's there again!
Bean & Gone
Cropped up once again!
Groovy Chick from Choc Chick

Yup, this woman was responsible for distracting me from the rest of the show. Petra Barran is her name and she's dudette.
Her beguilement was my highlight of the day!
That van of hers is simply magnetic for all the wrong reasons!
Spoilt for choice? Just go for the lot like I nearly did!
'High Rise' Millionaire's shortbread and Choc Star Hot Chocolate Float
Choc Star Hot Chocolate Float
And yes it's got a dollop of vanilla ice cream in it as well!
Strawberry and Cream
Ultra Fudge Brownie
White Chocolate Blondie
All choc-ed up, dazed and confused, disorientated and kerfuffled, I could've sworn I saw a pig on a leash!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words once again! :) I woke up with a bit of a headache today, so I suppose that completes the hangover experience in its entirety.

I thought I had recovered completely after tonight's dinner which consisted of more chilli than usual, but after reading this post, I think I'm not quite there yet, and may have to go down on Sunday instead. I can't miss out on Choc Star, as I've been looking for her for over a year now!

I love Amedei; I've got four bars in my fridge! If you'd like to get them, I'd recommend buying them online if you're looking to buy three or more, as, even with delivery charges, it works out cheaper than purchasing them from any of the London stockists.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what was the company behind the chocolate fudge brownies and chocolate chips cookies? I mean this one

Or... have you got an idea where to got them in London normally? The classic brownie is quite common but he had also some other flavors which I would be interested in :)

bellaphon said...

Righteous maiden, thou shalt the sun shineth on you! There was also a Mexican stall selling chilli with a choc twist as well... needless to say I chickened out.

@Petra S
Thanks for stopping by. I feel so immensely guilty about forgetting who the stallholder was. I'm sure someone will shed a light in due course.
For the best brownies in London, these people are nonsuch-
Bea's of Bloomsbury

sue said...

The stall with the brownies and cookies looks suspiciously like my friends from the Outsider Tart ( who had a stall there yesterday.

bellaphon said...

My hero! Thank you. Affix applied.

Helen Yuet Ling Pang said...

I've been inside the Chocstar mobile! It was parked outside The Underground Restaurant on the evening that I volunteered there. Great photos!

Petra Barran said...

Ha ha! That's an hilarious post - I'm glad you tucked in good and proper and nice to (unknowingly) meet you. Stop by anytime - plenty more where that came from.


I heart cupcakes said...

The choc festival was great - my husband loves chocolate so dragged me along! We had some wonderful ice cream from Chocstar and one of Petra's marvellous millionaires shortbread! Manny also had some chocolate goodies from our friends at Outsider Tart, including a guiness brownie which he loved. We also had some William Curley chocolate (Fab!) and a few other bits! I hope the festival happens again!

Elthan Marcotte said...

Which is the best place to celebrate this year's chocolat's week?