Monday, 13 April 2009

Market Coffee House

Came back second time as promised. Bad, bad, bad.
Does this place know the meaning of hygiene?
Pot of tea with no lemon or milk offered. Muffin that didn't 'rise' to the occasion.
I ordered a Cappuccino, yes it looked like one but it wasn't. It's warm milk, perfect for insomniacs. They could've at least put a couple of teaspoons of Nescafé instant to make it taste vaguely of coffee! This cup gives Britain its unique reputation for serving anti-coffee. I've never felt so lethargic at 2pm in the afternoon!
What a waste of £6.20 spent on the lot, should've given the money to the young guy selling Big Issues instead.

I'm not coming back, give us a greasy spoon anyday!

This is just a first impression and as we all know first impressions can be dangerous. Bank Holiday Monday, all the East End stalwarts of Taylor St., Nude and Taste of Bitter Love were shut. I first heard about Market Coffee House from Sue's review at Trusted Places.
I'm not going to write too much about this place as a second visit is needed for an appraisal on the coffee and food. So very briefly on the place; Olde World charm, extremely busy, friendly staff and if you're lucky enough with the weather and crowds, lovely alfresco seating.
The order for two mugs of tea was disappointing- weak (Mr & Mrs Sinden, please help us fly the flag with a decent cuppa, it’s not that a difficult request), chipped crocks (just as Sue suggested!) and a badly stained (or was it corroded) teaspoon (one supplied with two mugs!). £1.70 a mug. Presently, poor.

A follow-up in due course.

50/52 Brushfield Street
London E1 6AG


Market Coffee House said...

So sorry you didn't like our place. Our cups do get a lot of wear, because we are busy. I think we've changed them in any case since your review. No excuse for unpolished cutlery - I've told the guys. We don't like disposables as they're not eco-friendly.

A lot of people seem to like our style of coffee I am glad to say. We prefer one shot in an 8oz cup, but will always accommodate other tastes.

Can't think why you weren't offered lemon or milk! Again, we'll tell the guys!

What lesson do we take from this? Must try harder!



bellaphon said...

MCH- I'm sincerely grateful for your comments and the acknowledgment of my findings. I would like to think of myself as a champion of independent coffee and tea shops, and it pains me to see complacency as an unnecessary component to the spread of big chains littering our streets. I will pay you another visit and request at least a double shot capp., if things pan out favourably I would rectify this review.
Once again thanks for stopping by.

The Pub Diaries said...

I think they need to have a word again. The coffee is good but the service is pretty haphazard. Sat and waited for a bill for 10 minutes after asking three times. Happens time and time again. Maybe i need to walk a little further

bellaphon said...

TPD- Thank you for dropping by, I really must come back here and give them another chance...and pay in advance to avoid the hassle.