Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Harwood Arms- Revisit

It’s only a gastropub.
It’s only a gastropub.
It’s only a gastropub.
It’s only a gastropub.
It’s only a gastropub.

Yeah but no but...

This one stands out!

So astonishingly excellent, it deserves a second posting.

Signature One of The Harwood Arms- The most heavenly home-baked bread in a bag.
I think these guys have shot themselves in the foot, most of us would just overdose on it and leave no room whatsoever for the pudding!

Signature Two of The Harwood Arms- ''THE'' Scotch Egg

You haven’t been here if you didn't order this. Treat this bar snack as your pre-starter. (It doesn't appear on the restaurant menu, so do whatever it needs to be done in order to get this dish on your table) Achingly delicious and together with the one found at The Ginger Pig; the best Scotch Eggs reside in London!

Companion's starter of Scnitzel and rissole of wild rabbit with mustard mayonnaise and bitter leaves
The rissole on the right was skewered using a rustic twig.

My starter of Warm onion tart with Montgomery cheddar and watercress

An absolutely marvellous quiche tart, no overpowering dominance from either the onion or cheese, just a perfect execution in providing nuance on a plate. I thought aloud, it’s only a tart FGS!

Companion's Cornish cod with brown shrimps, grilled spring onions and sea purslane

My Loin of rabbit with white beans, smoked bacon, spring cabbage and liver on toast

Bugs in my humblest, is one of the most neutral tasting meat available; it doesn't have the boar taint that you find in some pork nor the 'coop' underones of chicken. Tonight's rabbit dish helped by the smoked bacon was spectacular! That liver toast gently reminded me of a game bird dish- swoon!

Unfortunately no pudding pics as we were too full after the three courses (to include the bread and egg). For a more detailed report on this place please see my first review. Just as well, this place is a bit out of reach for me otherwise I'll bankrupt myself and come here week in and week out. Stephen Williams, chef, I salute thee and I hope you don't have to wait years to get your first star! By enlarge highly recommended.

Walham Grove

London SW6 1QR


Hollow Legs said...

Do you have to book a table?

Anonymous said...

ohhh I love this place, The Boy took me here a while ago! I didn't see the scotch egg though :(

will have to go back to partake :D

bellaphon said...

Lizzie- for the restaurant yes, and there are not many covers, whereas pub no.

CB- Long trek from Hackney and I thought the trip from my abode in Notting Hill to Fulham was traumatic enough. The Boy obviously has taste.

Browners said...

That scotch egg almost gave me a heart attack. It really ought to be censored.

bellaphon said...

You're right Jonathan. XXX stuff!

Kavey said...

Sounds marvellous but not a handy location for me... but one to keep in the back of my noggin for a time when I'm down that way.