Friday, 13 February 2009

Taste of Bitter Love

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Lazy Sunday Flattie made by Bill

A rather gorgeous tasting slice of Orange flour-less cake


Leading contender for the most quaint café in London

The knock on effect of the falling dominoes continues with my coffee quest in London. Taste of Bitter Love* is terrific.

The location of this place is best described as being in the backwater or quite simply isolated. Best way to get to this part of deepest Hac
kney is the Route 55 bus from Oxford Circus.

TBL is tiny and as a result intimate, it’s simply impossible for this place to exude any coldness or stuffiness into its ambience.

The whole place is kitted out like a bric-à-brac museum, the defaulted cosiness and warmth of it all will undoubtedly compliment anyone’s cup of coffee perfectly.

The owner/proprietor Felicity is genuinely friendly and unflappable; she also happens to make a decent cup as well.

Sharp and short; a perfect taste of bitter love.

More than estimable Flat White- I think possibly the cheapest in London as well. £1.50 for a small.

Focaccia sandwich of sausages, sweet onions and rocket- simply elysian.

Like Dose, I’ve promised Felicity that I shall try my utmost to visit her little caff at least once a month. Highly recommended.

*Save you the troubs- "Taste Of Bitter Love" is the hallowed hit by Gladys Knight & The Pips

276 Hackney Road


thora said...

Thanks for bringing good old Gladys back to my attention, listening to the song right now. Wonderful.

bellaphon said...

You know I'd forgotten this song was from the 80s, I thought it was older!
Music and food, love the combo!

I heart cupcakes said...

I've still got to visit this place and plan to soon. Am mainly posting to alert you to the fact that Time Out seem to be following your coffee recommendations - if a few weeks late! 2 weeks ago Tina, We salute you, this week Taste of Bitter love and a few weeks ago the one in Holborn I've forgotten the name of (something with wood).
BTW Slow Food @ South Bank this weekend for your chocstar fix

bellaphon said...

IHC- Thanks for the holler, if that's really the case I ought to be flattered. Awaiting your verdict on this place with more anticipation than TO's.

Unknown said...

Just been there yesterday for a late breakfast...the latte was one of the best I have had in London!

bellaphon said...

R- Glad you enjoyed ToBL and thank you for stopping