Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mrs Marengo's

Lunch with daughter before the Harry Potter film.

Her delicious Mushroom Pie and mushy peas

My Omelette and Mrs Marengo's signature big fat chips.

Came back I did. I had to really, because despite my experience with the cakes on my first visit, they were delicious and potentially one of the best I’ve come across in London.

Additionally this place is not just about tea breaks and cakes, people also come here for the exceptional veggie lunches that include detox salads and appropriately correct (I assume) bangers and mash.

My burger looked liked the one that came from an animal that’s been grass fed and properly serious.

Bite into it and you can see for yourself it’s beautifully cooked, rare to high heaven. Except that this is no hamburger; it’s meatless and utterly delicious. To be honest I was half expecting a bean burger or another Linda Mc’s wannabe; no this was quite unique and a ruddy fine effort at replicating the carnivore’s version.

The chips were positively obese in size compared to what is normally expected; they were exceptional and more than lived up to its comfort food status.

So just to prove my point with the cakes, got myself a slice of this.

The white chocolate and pistachio cheesecake was gratifyingly wow, it was verging on holistic! Yes, I know what you’re thinking, as if that burger meal wasn’t enough and now I’m pigging on the cake- look someone’s gotta try these places out for the benefit of others!

The cup of coffee ain’t bad either, it tasted all very decent.

Like Yumchaa, I find that girls are more at home here than boys (must be that cupcake thing!). Service today was immeasurably more cheery than my first visit.

Gillian, there you have it, I’ve done my bit and I’m definitely coming back to haunt visit you guys again! Highly recommended.

53 Lexington Street
London W1F 9AN


kerstin said...

wow. gotta try that.
By the way would you mind documenting Saturday night for me? I will probably be too busy.

bellaphon said...

I was thinking more of the Aga actually, you know what with the prima donna role! See you Sat ;P

sue said...

"someone’s gotta try these places out for the benefit of others!"

Yes, us "others" really appreciate all the research you are doing!

bellaphon said...

Sue- anytime mate!

Unknown said...

Mrs Marengo's Organic honey frozen yogurt with fresh ripe mango and mango coulis certainly impressed!! It beats most of the froyo joints I've tried since coming to London 4 months ago. Suuuppppperrr Yummy.

Incidentally, I picked out the white choc pistachio cheesecake too before reading about Mrs M on your blog. The girls were very friendly and contrary to the pink seats attracting girls only, the place was filled with men (some by their lonesome self) when I got there! ;)

bellaphon said...

Yvonne- I must stop going to SNOG and support the independents instead! Thank you. I do love frozen yogs, another perfect comfort food for lonesome sods like me!

Lewis William said...

I hope you don't mind, but I have borrowed your picture of the white chocolate pistachio cheesecake. It is consistently amazing.
Do let me know if ever you need a research buddy!

Anonymous said...

Ceased trading.