Sunday, 15 February 2009

Fair Grounds

No longer with us


Exposed perishables a la F&W

Oh dear, was this a case of a half decent shot of espresso hopelessy masked by the aundance of milk or just poor capuccino! Grade C-
Fair Grounds, please please buck up, you're obviously not intending to attract the coffee geeks but the Carnaby St tourists! Sad!

Excellent apple slice at £1.50

I intend to come back here as often as I can, I want these guys to succeed (I champion independents with vigour) and they need feedback from this blog.

***New Makeover***

Lookin' fresh!

Clean and not too clinical

I'll be back with my poison pen in due course, watch this space!

Grade C Cappuccino


Plan B Coffee
(actually if the young kids who work here are properly trained the coffee might improve further)

Should Fernandez & Wells be utterly inundated, there’s always Mrs Marengo's, Sacred and now Fair Grounds. I’ve said it loads before, so I’ll say it again, we Londoners are a lucky bunch- the proliferation of decent coffee joints are absolutely at our behest. Therefore peeps from Seattle to Melbourne can no longer take the mickey out of the lack of good coffee available in the best city in the world.

Fair Grounds is based in an unloved corner off Carnaby Street. From the onset this place sort of project an image that can only be described as with a strong ethical stance on everything they do; from the fair trade coffee beans through to the recyclable loyalty (10th cup free!) card.

So with that kind of moral gibbosity I started to assume that only Greens or eco-ideologists would patronise the place. Not so, the usual phenomenon applies; blokes go to boozers and cool women folk end up in places like this instead. Lady customers enjoying their lunch and caffeine hits once again outnumbered the sole male nonentity that is yours truly.

The cappuccino was certainly way above average and it came with a wonderful thick foam set. The banoffe muffin was moist and yummy. Both items were good value and more than good enough to warrant future visits.

Additionally recommended for the service, comfy settings and convenient location.

74 Broadwick Street
London W1F 9QZ

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