Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I just don't come here enough, if only it was closer to work or it was open on Sundays.
Still, made it today and was overjoyed.

James the Master at work with a guest blend from The Brown Coffee Company's espresso blend, Cottonwood

Look and learn

I asked James if he destroys the beautiful combo of the crema and latte art by stirring it before drinking.
He doesn't.
I did (my daughter always refers myself as antagonistic).
Class A** Flattie.

Just for good measure he also made me a ristretto from the same guest blend.

Only came here for one reason. Dose Espresso
Lovely spring day in London
BLT sandwich- bountiful and yummy
If the coffee is bad here I'll say so. Otherwise a velvety smooth 'A'
James recommended this for my home fix
Today's menu

Two Flat Whites (both made by James) and a Muffin

Both cups were effectively superb and straight As

Apple, oats, cinnamon and walnut muffin made by James' other half. Supposedly it ain't quite perfect yet according to him but it still tasted very good IMO.

Ace coffee in Barbican/Smithfield

Big thank you to Abi for this recommendation. Dose, like Taylor St Baristas is a coffee bar. So unlike a full-blown café joint don’t expect proper tables and chairs at this place. Informality and chill call the shots here.

Barely a month old and I’m well impressed.

The usual wonderful grub that we now associate with the antipodean know-how on establishing über cafés in London.

James the owner, barista and coffee god blabbing away while perfecting a cup. Sorry with the unflattering shot mate, but at least we captured your beloved La Marzocco FB-80 espresso machine.

The Flattie that came with a wonderful Rosetta was instantaneously divine. Strong and avaricious, it tasted as if it was concocted with passion, bravo!

Couldn’t have the coffee without munching on something sweet; the lovingly named killer brownie was perfect coffee break fodder.

Great people, wonderful coffee and lovely grub- a nigh perfect formula.
I wish Dose all the luck and success. ‘Tis a pity they’re out my way, but I shall endeavour with at least a monthly pilgrimage. Welcome on board Dose.

Somewhere along Long Lane


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Did you check out Kipferl next door too?

bellaphon said...

Abi- Funny, it was easier to remember Dose than the word Kipferl, well no excuses now. Will post a review in due course. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude- nice photos. Kipferl is indeed worth a visit- nice goulash soup and good sausage. Also there's a new place called Farm at the junction of Cowcross and St John streets on the north side of the Market. They're using Square Mile coffee too and know what to do with it

bellaphon said...

James- You're welcome, thanks for yet another tip! See you soon.

Unknown said...

Oh, yet another time our paths have almost crossed! I was here for lunch on Thursday and told Steve that I'd learnt about this place through your blog.

I can't comment on the coffee though. There was a slight mix-up and I was given a latte instead of a flat white. The whole time, I just kept thinking, "this is the milkiest flat white I've ever drunk. I wonder why everyone says it's so good? It's nice that they serve it in a glass though." Fortunately for me, this was clarified when they rang up my bill.

So I need to come back and try a proper flat white some time.

Oh, and the sandwich I ate there was the best sandwich I have ever eaten in quite some time.

bellaphon said...

If paths are crossed, trouble begins to brew!
Lattes are always served in glasses. Just be warned that the Square Mile blend is super smooth as opposed to 'bold' of both the Union and Monmouth.