Saturday, 14 February 2009

Market Place Café

It’s natural to blink, so it’s no surprise that most of us would inevitably argue that Market Place Café doesn’t actually exist in the first place. This basement greasy spoon caff is located next to my favourite haunt of Harry Morgan. For first timers, I can only assume that it can be pretty daunting or perhaps even daring to try and venture down the dingy stairs to test the water. When one reaches the bottom, you’re confronted immediately with the whereabouts of the main entrance; the door to the lavatory is unfortunately at a more commanding perspective! I for one came to this place after reading about it in the London Breakfast review, so the power of the net and word of mouth is important for businesses like MPC to survive and maintain any degree of success.

The dining room is best described as being warmly lit with fluorescent bulbs and the setting is as you’d expect more workmen café than the contemporary plush of its ground level neighbours of either Harry Morgan or Carluccio’s.

All versions of the All Day Breakfast served apart, MPC also dishes out hearty soups, pastas and freshly cut sandwiches at lunch as well. My previous visit (full fry-up of course) can be read here.

Tea served in its own little pot, which is always a nice touch.

Lunch of the 4MP ‘Club’ triple-decker with chicken, bacon, cheese, mayo, pesto and tomato was gratifyingly garnished with some decent salad.

I had mine toasted and the bread was white (none of that wholemeal pretensions!). This lunch was pretty much decent and great value to boot.

I’m an avid supporter and advocate of independent businesses, and places like MPC need our custom and patronage. So if you’re reading this do us all a favour, do come here for breakfast, lunch or whatever- it’s cheap, friendly and better than a dodgy quarterpounder meal any day!

NB I once asked Sue the well respected doyen at Trusted Places whether she
encountered any objections to her camera wielding antics at any of the restaurants she visited. She mentioned The Ivy. Well, the lady owner very nearly flipped at me for taking snaps at MPC today. Look Madam (she was actually well mannered and friendly, thankfully), firstly I couldn’t see Brad or Angela having lunch today, secondly I’m not even contemplating opening a rival outfit near you and lastly I’m certainly not an Environmental Health officer! There you have it, sorry if I made you panicked.

4 Market Place
London W1W 8AD

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