Sunday, 15 March 2009


I timed myself today. And sadly to say it wasn’t to do with jogging. It took me 14 minutes to read two and a half pages of reports and post match analysis (Sunday Times Sport) of Manchester United’s resounding defeat by Liverpool the day before. That was also the time it took for a member of the staff at the Rotunda to take any notice of me sitting at one of their outside tables. The most probable reasons for this inadvertence are twofold- I decided to settle down al fresco (when everyone else were dining inside, except for smokers enjoying a sneaky fag) and the innate possibility of yours truly looking like a tramp (old trilby and unkempt hair). Now if it weren’t for the Sunday papers and Liverpool’s (I’m a gooner, I just happen to love any team who beats Man U!) victory, I would’ve thrown a wobbly! The thought of waiting ‘hours on end’ and ending up like a discarded lemon simply beggars belief. Oh in addition to perusing the sport pages I managed to snap a few pictures as well, here we go while we wait-
You still there?

Ah, at last a very young chap came over, innocently insinuating was it coffee or tea I wanted but I bet you one of his supervisors sent him out here to resolve sticky problems like non-paying parasites squatting at their vacant tables. As soon as I mentioned it was lunch that I came for and it had been unnecessarily delayed for a quarter of an hour, the whole world effectively changed for both parties concerned. I never recalled an utter of apology, but sometimes that’s forgivable especially when a mistake that is so foolishly committed it would simply kill that person just to apologise for it. That’s it, no more of talk this matter again. Thereafter the service was seven stars, just like the Burj Al Arab; five won’t do, the hyperbole exists.

The Rotunda Bar and Restaurant is situated in Kings Place, a newish all singing and dancing arts/conference centre near King's Cross. I came here because I managed to stumble upon its brunch menu by way of the Harden’s site. I felt that the menu was well conceived and somewhat indicative of contemporary British cooking that is near perfect. Rather like Jeremy Lee’s Blueprint Café but without the offal. Despite the obvious temptations of Beef & Ale Casserole and Sausages (Ginger Pig allegedly) & Mash, I went for something crabby (the shellfish sense please) instead.

The homemade crab cake at £14.50 was titchy. Hell I’m not going to lay into them but lambaste this place like there’s no tomorrow.

Cut the thing up for all you eager peeps. Crikey, it actually tasted quite decent, no it was more than that, it was bloody brilliant! The ratio of crabmeat to potato was faultless, this is the best fishcake (yes fish and that includes The Ivy’s Salmon Fishcakes) I’ve had. Just hope to Poseidon that this is not a one off fluke. I know that I don’t half rabbit on, but the lemon mayo was intense and excruciatingly yummy (even on its own!). One last thing, the portion was still mean though. And...never mind, another time.

I asked the young lady (non-uniformed which can only mean management material or deputy dawg-ish) who by now have the pleasure of serving me; what pudding I should plump for.Without due hesitation she recommended the Lemon Tart. But I just had that lemon mayo with the mains, oh what the heck she works here so she knoweth nowt but best.

This tart drove me to elysian heights;

the tartness of the lemon filling was gorgeous and the pastry likewise. Am I right in feeling suspicious that both courses were made to perfection just to allay the waiting fiasco? I sincerely hope not.

I couldn’t take any photos of the restaurant’s interiors, the young lady’s permission was soon vetoed by the most condescending plonker of a manager I’ve encountered so far this year. Oh you can’t do this and you can’t do that, you need advance notice coupled with a written request to the head office before any snaps are allowed. Mr Young Lad Manager, just say sorry and no, I can more than accept that as I don’t need that entire lowdown (in an excitable manner as well) from you in front of all the other diners! It also takes a lot to embarrass me as well you tw*t!

Based on today’s lunch, this is a wonderful place; what with spring and summer coming I can’t currently think of a better place than the Rotunda to dine al fresco. Great food, great service, great scenery and great for smokers as well! Recommended, highly if not for that manager!

Kings Place
90 York Way
N1 9AG


thora said...

Both the crab cake and the lemon tart look like to die for, simply delicious. Well written post and funny.

bellaphon said...

Thanks Thora ;)

Anonymous said...

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